‘Queer Eye’ Season Three Premieres This Friday — Here’s What We Know

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When Netflix’s Queer Eye revival debuted in early 2018, it became a near-instant pop culture phenomenon. Almost overnight, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Tan France became household names — and their level of fame significantly eclipsed that of the original Fab Five.

Queer Eye proved so instantly successful that its second season debuted on Netflix just five months after its first. Now, eight months later, the third season will arrive this Friday, March 15th, and fans and critics alike are abuzz with excitement. Here’s everything we know so far about the new season:

Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Kansas City

The first two seasons of Queer Eye took place in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. For the third season, the Fab Five has relocated to Kansas City, Missouri. Will the gang’s Kansas City loft differ significantly from the hyper-modern, super luxurious one where they stayed during their time in Atlanta? Tune in to find out.

Todrick Hall Was Just The First — Maybe

One of Queer Eye’s most heartwarming moments to date came in its second season, when Karamo arranged a surprise meeting between Skyler Jay (the first-ever trans man the Fab Five worked with) and his idol, Todrick Hall. Hall’s appearance was the first Queer Eye celebrity cameo, and rumors are swirling that he was just the first in line — a beloved former One Direction member might appear in season three, though this isn’t yet confirmed.

The Fab Five Will Work With Even More Diverse People

In the first season of Queer Eye, the Fab Five worked almost exclusively with men, only one of whom, AJ, wasn’t straight (AJ’s coming out to his stepmother may be the most emotional moment the show has ever committed to camera). Season two added one straight woman and a trans man (Skyler Jay). Season three’s new subjects will include a duo of sisters and, separately, a lesbian, two firsts for the Fab Five.

Different Careers — And Lifestyles — Will Be Explored

In the past, the Fab Five have worked with police officers, firefighters, public servants, civil engineers, and app developers, among others. This season, they’ll work with a military veteran, a prison worker, and a camp counselor. Queer Eye has often used their subjects’ careers and the lifestyles that accompany them as fodder for social commentary, particularly as it relates to toxic masculinity, so it’s safe to assume they’ll explore these new fields with grace and poignancy.

Kansas City’s Businesses Will Be In The Spotlight

Often, in watching the first two seasons of Queer Eye, the names of the exact businesses, places of worship, and other locations tantamount to each episode weren’t too strong a focus of the series. Season three is set to change that: the Kansas City restaurant Jones Bar-B-Q is a major focus of one episode, and the salon Skyline Salon will visibly be Jonathan Van Ness’ go-to grooming spot.

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