Start Your Spring Right With These Home Decor Ideas

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As the start of spring approaches, open your window shades and let the extra sunlight in — and spruce up your home to shake off that winter dullness! Here are some fun, creative ideas for how to start your spring with a little home decor.

Make a “Hello Spring” Wreath (via Lil’ Luna)

Wreaths are often used as decoration to mark the new season, so why not welcome this season with a wreath too? Gather a foam wreath form, a rotary cutter, some paint and flowers, and get to work. When you’re done with this quick decor project, you’ll have a warm, welcoming wreath that looks and feels like spring.

Spray Paint Your Succulent Planters (via Homey Oh My)

Turn any square glass vase into a colorful container for a gorgeous succulent. Use white spray paint to create an initial layer of color, then arrange copper foil in a set of lines originating from one corner. Once the foil has set, fill your vase with soil, then place your succulent in — the beauty of the plant and the vase will emphasize each other.

Turn Goblets Into Mini Floral Arrangements (via Valley and Co. Lifestyle)

Buy a few of the same goblet, get one color of spray paint for each one, and coat each with its own color — for spring, try turquoise, hot pink, and yellow. Line the rim of the goblet with copper foil to make each one especially vibrant, then fill each one with soil and plant whatever flowers your heart desires. Place the goblets in a windowsill for an indoor touch of spring!

Hang a Floral Wall Clock (via Lovely Indeed)

In under an hour, you can turn a wire wreath frame, flowers, greenery, and a clock movement kit into a home decor piece as practical as it is pretty. Weave the greenery through the wireframe, place the largest flowers around the 12, 3, 6, and 9 of the clock and the smallest ones at the other numbers, and mount everything to your wall.

Build a Side Table (via Sugar and Cloth)

Sound advanced? This project really isn’t all that difficult. You can find the individual pieces needed to build this table at any department store, so you won’t need to do any woodworking; just be sure to have plenty of screws and a power drill. In just about an hour, you’ll have a new side table perfect for welcoming the spring season.

Paint a Mint Green Accent Wall (via House Beautiful)

To achieve an interior design as cooly spring-like as the ones that House Beautiful lists, you just need a bucket of appropriately colored paint from your local department store. An accent wall is a great way to add the flair found across this House Beautiful list into a home without doing too much work — just be sure to remove all objects near the wall and stock up on painter’s tape.

What home decor projects might you work on to welcome the season? Let us know in the comments!

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