Try These Six Clean, Fun Pranks on April Fool’s Day

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April Fool’s Day is a great day to prank your friends, but it’s important to do so lovingly. Pranks centered on destruction and sudden shock aren’t good. Thankfully, there are plenty of wholesome, funny and harmless pranks that can get the laughter rolling. Here are some ideas:

Trap Someone In A (Nicolas) Cage

No, this prank doesn’t require you to force your friend into a cage. Instead, ask to borrow their computer sometime, and then install this Chrome extension that replaces all pictures on the internet with images of actor Nicolas Cage. Anyone paying attention to memes at all these last many years will appreciate this idea and laugh along with your prank.

Make A Toilet A (Nicolas) Cage

A web browser isn’t the only place where you can force someone to encounter Nic Cage. Tape a picture of him — the Chrome extension prank will show you there are endless funny pictures of him — underneath a toilet seat, then flip the seat down. Whenever someone flips the seat up, they’ll get a quick but hilarious shock with Cage’s face staring them down.

Put Cats In Someone’s Phone

Play the “Hey, I need to borrow your device” trick on your friend and then head to iPhoneception to set the icons for all apps on your friend’s phone to display as goofy-looking cats. No cats will be harmed in the pulling of this prank, which only works on iPhones.

Place a Leak (Leek) in the Sink

No one wants to wake up to a roommate saying, “Hey, we need to fix the leak in our sink, go check out the leak!” Nobody enjoys the minor surge of anxiety that accompanies realizing that something might be wrong in one’s home. Put a twist on this dread by placing a leek in the sink instead — having something to eat after a prank doesn’t sound too terrible!

Give Someone An Apple With (Fake) Worms

Nobody wants to bite into an apple to see a worm living inside it — unless the worm is a gummy worm! At the bottom of an apple, carve a hole small enough to go unnoticed but large enough through which to remove the core. Push a few gummy worms into the hole, then give the apple to a friend, and watch as they worry, but then laugh, at the worms inside.

Call Out Of Work, But Show Up With Donuts

This one is best planned with colleagues. On the morning of April Fool’s Day, you and a few coworkers (no more — don’t overdo it!) can plan to call in sick. However, when your supervisor arrives at the office, they’ll find you and all your coworkers who called out sick with a box of donuts with the words “April Fool’s!” scrawled across it. What better way to start an eight-hour shift on one of the year’s most mischievous days?

Which of these no-foul, no-harm pranks are you thinking about pulling on your friends this April Fool’s Day? What are some other prank ideas you have? Let us know in the comments!

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