Six Super Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks

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With April showers starting to bring May flowers (and June bugs), it’s officially time to get started on spring cleaning. If the idea of thoroughly sprucing up your space as the warm weather approaches overwhelms you, then try these six hacks to help make spring cleaning as easy as possible.

1. Clean curtains in the dryer

Curtains are among the household items that can gather dust and lint the fastest, especially if you have a pet. A lint roller is helpful, but a quick run in the dryer can be even better at cleaning your blinds. Just throw a damp towel in with them while you run a 15-minute air-fluff cycle. If the dampness of the towel has at all transferred to the curtains, just hang your curtains as usual, and they’ll air dry naturally.

2. Use a pillowcase to clean ceiling fans

Over a full winter of not being used, ceiling fans can gather monstrous amounts of dust. Sweeping this dust off your fan blades can scatter it all over the floor and any furniture in the room, so by tossing a pillowcase over a fan blade, you can use it as a dust wipe and make sure that any falling dust goes right into the pillowcase. After a run through your washer and dryer, you’ll never remember your pillowcase was ever full of months-old dust.

3. Combine rubbing alcohol and water

Glass cleaners can’t disinfect, and disinfectants can streak glass. What’s more, disinfectants can leave behind pungent odors. Rubbing alcohol both cleans and disinfects surfaces while barely leaving an odor, so combine it with an equal amount of water in a spray bottle for serious household magic. Spray this mix on glass, chrome, or stainless steel and wipe everything down with a dry cloth to avoid smudging or streaking.

4. Combine salt and seltzer

You can use your kitchen to make all kinds of magic cleaning brews. This one — just a teaspoon of salt in a spray bottle full of seltzer — aggressively works to clean fridges. The roughness of salt and the bubbling action of seltzer can tackle pretty much any grease, juice, or food and drink scraps stuck to your fridge. Rub each shelf down for just a few minutes, and you’ll be done sooner than you know it.

5. Combine borax and vinegar

Grab equal amounts of two more kitchen staples, baking soda and salt, and mix them with an equal amount of borax. This all-natural cleaning mix is perfect for scouring even the most sorely unattended to of bathrooms and kicking spring off the right way.

6. Move things around

For many, the goal of spring cleaning is just to freshen up the house. You don’t necessarily need any fancy cleaning supplies to achieve this goal — why not just rearrange all the objects in a room? As long as you can move things around without making the room harder to navigate, you’ll be amazed how much taking just an hour to reorder things can uplift your house and make it look tidier and cleaner.

What are some of your favorite spring cleaning hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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