How I Found My Swimsuit Soulmate

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit for quite some time. My life has been defined by swimsuits that look nice but just don’t give me that butt coverage I need. And honestly, I worry about my boob slipping out while I’m minding my own business. So most of my beach trips, as full of margaritas and tanning as they are, come with their fair share of anxiety and discomfort.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to do anything about it. Every year, as summer approaches, I find myself searching the internet for new swimsuits. I’ve long been convinced that, after enough Googling, I’ll finally find that dream swimsuit, the one with the proper support and coverage that helps me feel confident. I think my search history eventually began to catch up with me, because one day, while I was on Instagram, I saw an ad for Summersalt swimsuits.

Summersalt caught my eye right away. I loved the swimsuits I saw: tri-colored wonders in styles that brought out the natural beauty of the bodies wearing them. There was even an adorable one-shoulder piece that I just couldn’t help but ‘like.’ I headed to Summersalt’s website to learn more.

There, I saw my dream reflected back at me. I was instantly enthralled with Summersalt’s prices that I immediately thought I could rock and feel comfy in. I saw style after style of swimsuit that celebrated my body and hugged every curve just right. Although I probably could’ve convinced myself to buy more than one of Summersalt’s one-pieces right then and there, I decided to start with the Sidestroke, because the tri-color look instantly spoke volumes to me.

When I clicked on Summersalt’s link to buy the Sidestroke, I saw two tools that really upped Summersalt’s game. I took a size quiz to figure out exactly what size I should order to best take advantage of Summersalt’s super strong, super compressive swimsuits. I then looked at Summersalt’s Butt Guide to figure out whether I’d want “A” coverage for a bit of cheek exposure, “B” coverage for a flash of high thigh, or “C” coverage for a normal to low cut (I’m a “C” gal). I couldn’t remember ever feeling this catered to by a swimsuit brand. I ordered the Sangria & Dragon Fruit & White Sand color right to my door.

Just days later, my new favorite swimsuit arrived, and I didn’t hesitate to try it on and give myself some looks in the mirror. It was clear right away that the fabric was of a higher caliber, definitely more supportive than any other swimsuit I owned. I loved who I saw looking back at me, and I felt great too.

After a few amazing, stress-free beach days later that month, I headed back to Summersalt’s website to get another swimsuit, this time The Deep Dive. It’s not like I was buying out of my budget with these affordable prices, and the money was worth it to have two options for feeling like my best self at the beach, all for the same price as a single designer swimsuit.

I’ll never buy a non-Summersalt swimsuit again. There’s even more to the brand than just its perfect fit and amazing looks — here’s why all my beach trips start with Summersalt.

1. Summersalt suits are five times stronger than other brands

Flimsy swimsuits are the worst. They never hold their shape well and end up just sagging off your butt in a way that’s not comfortable OR cute. Enter Summersalt’s swimsuits, made with either 22% Xtra Life Lycra or 8% elastane. This specially-engineered material offers quadruple the compression of the average swimsuit and five times the fabric strength, so they bounce back every single wear like I’m breaking it out for the first time. Plus, that means I’m not buying replacement swimsuits nearly as often.

2. The fit is backed by data.

There’s no doubt about it: Summersalt did their homework. Their swimsuit line is sized based on the measurements of 10,000 women. Summersalt collected more than 1.5 million measurements of waists, boobs, hips, and butts and poured all that information into their swimsuit designs. The result is a swimsuit that truly fits like a glove.

3. Summersalt suits put the environment first.

Not only do Summersalt swimsuits look great, but they’re eco-friendly, too. Most of Summersalt’s styles are made from recycled polyamide, which is made from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials and nylon waste. All that stuff would have been trash in the ocean, but now I can wear this treasure to the beach.

4. Summersalt prioritizes quality while cutting costs.

After a lifetime of my boobs slipping out of swimsuits that just didn’t quite fit me right, I thought I’d have to break the bank to get my hands on Summersalt’s magic. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Summersalt sells $200 swimsuits for just $95, so I can get designer quality without the designer tag. I know I said earlier that I’ve bought two Summersalt swimsuits so far, and I should add that every day, I think about buying a third — these prices certainly fit my budget!

With Summersalt on my side (and on my body), I can hit the beach in class, comfort, and bliss. Running into the ocean or soaking up the sun’s rays, I know my boobs and butt aren’t going to slip out of place. I can wear my Sidestroke and The Deep Dive repeatedly without worrying about the fabric degrading over time, and wearing them means I’m keeping plastic out of the very water I’ll be diving into. If you’re ready to dive headfirst into your new favorite swimsuit and an ocean of bliss, order your first Summersalt swimsuit now!

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