Four Creative Ideas For Your Next First Date

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If you’ve ever dated, you likely know the struggle that can come with thinking of fun, interesting ways to spend time together. After a few dates over drinks or dinner, you might want to try something a little more out of the box, an activity that allows you to interact with someone in a different way.

But what if you want to try something similarly daring for a first date? An interactive date, rather than just a conversational one, might be the start of something really interesting for you and your prospective partner. Here are four creative ideas for your next first date.

Go rock climbing

We’re not saying to gather ropes and outdoor equipment and go scaling the nearest cliff you can find. Rock climbing is just as fun in a safe, simulated, indoor environment. Rock climbing gyms are abundant, and trying to scale the gym’s many rocky walls will make a couple of hours pass by super quickly. You’ll also be very physically active on this date, so a run down the block after for a healthy dinner and maybe some drinks will make a perfect cap on this first date.

Throw axes

Yes, this is a real thing. In recent years, ax throwing has become a far more prominent activity across the country. No, you can’t just grab an ax at a department store and chuck it at some random object on the street — instead, a quick Google for “ax toss” and your city’s name should direct you to places where you can throw a hatchet at a target in a safe, protected environment. Think of it as archery, but with a much heavier, more dangerous object — and a much greater physical toll on your shoulders. Dinner and drinks after this one might also be ideal.

Check out a local karaoke night

Doing karaoke can drastically lower the stakes of a first date. Karaoke is often inherently silly and even embarrassing, so it makes for a super fun, low-pressure way to spend time with that new someone. It’s generally not hard to find karaoke options either — karaoke clubs are certainly easier to find than rock climbing gyms and ax throwing sessions, and many bars and even restaurants host karaoke on the same night every week, so you’ll know exactly when to go.

Go on a hike

Whether along a riverwalk in your town or a tree-lined trail in a faraway wooded park, a hike is a great way to get to know someone. As you walk with your date, you can observe beautiful sights and get to know each other as you navigate your path. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities for breathtaking pictures to remember the day. If you want to add an extra layer of romance and cuteness to your hike, bring lunch with you to eat at a particularly scenic point.

What are some creative first date ideas you like? Do you think any of these work better as later date ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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