The Five Best Things Coming To Netflix This Month

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From brand new original shows to long-standing film classics, Netflix is never short on options for all audiences. The backside to this diversity is that finding the right thing to watch can be a daunting task, especially because, every month, Netflix adds (and removes) an overwhelming number of movies and TV shows to its ever-massive catalog. Here are five selections that comprise the cream of this month’s massive crop of new arrivals at Netflix.

Scarface (available now)

This 1982 crime film classic is arriving to Netflix well-established in the American cultural lexicon. Anyone who has heard the oft-shouted phrase “Say hello to my little friend!” has heard a Scarface reference, and parodies of the movie are abundant to this day.

In the film, Al Pacino stars in one of his most-famed roles, as Cuban immigrant Tony Montana. The character’s rags-to-riches story involves more than its fair share of illegal activity as he, upon arriving in Miami, paves a path toward becoming a formidable drug kingpin.

Tuca & Bertie (available now)

A Netflix original show, the new animated sitcom Tuca & Bertie depicts a friendship among two anthropomorphic main characters, a toucan named Tuca and a robin named Bertie. Its animation style has drawn frequent comparison to one of Netflix’s staple original shows, Bojack Horseman; the two series have the animator Lisa Hanawalt in common. Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, and Steven Yeun comprise Tuca & Bertie’s primary voice cast, with support from Tessa Thompson, Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro, and Nicole Byer.

Pose: Season 1 (available May 10)

Ryan Murphy’s acclaimed FX drama Pose will begin its second season next month. Netflix will soon have the show’s first season available in full, giving viewers plenty of time to catch up. Pose has been acclaimed for its depictions of 1980s ballroom culture and its ties to the AIDS crisis and the gay community, not to mention its unsubtle criticisms of Donald Trump’s pre-politics legacy. The show is also notable for its extensive LGBTQ+ cast.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 3 (available May 12)

Comedian Hasan Minhaj’s beloved news comedy show kicks off its third volume this Sunday. The show, unlike many available on streaming services, debuts new episodes every Sunday rather than all in one day. A typical Patriot Act episode consists of Minhaj, who worked for years on The Daily Show, taking a deep and often hilarious dive into newsworthy political and cultural issues. Previous episode topics have included affirmative action, pricing of streetwear, and the history of conflict between India and Pakistan.

Moonlight (available May 21)

One of the most acclaimed, culturally-significant drama films of the past half-decade will arrive on Netflix in just under two weeks. Moonlight depicts, in three acts spread across roughly 20 years, the devastation that poverty, homophobia, and drug addiction can wreak on young people of color. Mahershala Ali won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work on the film, making him the first Muslim person to win an acting Oscar. Moonlight also won Best Picture, making it the first-ever film with an all-black cast and the first LGBTQ+ movie to win this award.

Which of these options are you most likely to watch? What other new Netflix arrivals are you looking forward to this month? Sound off in the comments!

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