Four Creative, Adorable Ways To Pop The Question

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Asking someone to marry you is a big deal, to say the least. Couples spend years working toward the decision to get engaged, let alone married.

As tradition goes, when someone asks a partner to marry them, the occasion should presumably be some combination of over-the-top romantic, in the vicinity of other people (likely friends), and somehow thoughtful and specific to the person being proposed to. TV shows seem to understand this balance perfectly (even when the proposal results in a rare “no”), but their tear-jerking depictions of proposals aren’t the only sources of inspiration you can seek if you’re looking to pop the question. Consider these four creative, adorable options if you’re ready to take this massive step toward marriage, but don’t do anything that feels inauthentic to you and your partner.

Play a trivia or board game

Trivia and board games are quite domestic, so you’ll want to step things up a bit if this is the option you’re going with. Don’t just break out a board game when you’re home alone with your partner like on any other night. Invite some friends over, make a ton of food to serve everyone, buy champagne and other “fancy” drinks, and then hide a proposal note or trivia question somewhere that your partner will have to work to access. Then, pop the question and rejoice with all the friends, food, and drinks you could possibly want!

Set up a scavenger hunt

This proposal idea has some overlap with setting up a board game night. You’ll definitely want friends there for this one, because a scavenger hunt for two can easily become underwhelming. If everyone can help your partner find their items and lead them towards that final thing — your “Will you marry me?” card or letter, a box with your wedding ring, or something similar — your day of effort will prove well worth your while. Think about it — what better prize is there at the end of a scavenger hunt than becoming engaged to the person you care about the most?

Bake something with a hidden surprise

No, you shouldn’t put your ring inside a cake or some other sort of bakery item. Instead, you might want to invite some friends over for a baking night. Having other people around is important — get your partner involved in the making of the cake, but when it comes time to put the icing on top, make sure your friends distract your partner. Put the cake in the oven, and once it cools, write on top “will you marry me?” while your partner is distracted.

Plan a surprise party

Make this party a true surprise. Spend your day on the town with your partner, but tell them you need to take care of something alone — maybe a dinner with a friend, a work chore, something like that — and do everything you can to beat them to your house (a friend’s house may work better), where you’ll already have let in tons of friends. Turn the lights off, have everyone hide, and be down on one knee with a ring in your hands for when your partner arrives.

In what out-of-the-box way would you ideally propose to your partner? Sound off in the comments!

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