Five Great Shows Coming To Netflix In June

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A new month means a new batch of shows landing on Netflix. Like most streaming services, Netflix tends to stack its new monthly arrivals on the first day of the month and then gradually spread more new shows throughout the remaining days. This is all to say that Netflix has already uploaded plenty of new content. The best of what it’ll bring to viewers in June, though, is still on the horizon. Check out these five great shows coming to Netflix in June.

Documentary Now!

Season 3 available June 3

After two and a half years off the air, Documentary Now! returned for its third season back in February. Tomorrow, the third season will hit Netflix, where viewers can watch the mockumentary brainchild of Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, and Rhys Thomas in peak form. As ever, Helen Mirren hosts all seven episodes, which parody subjects including A League of Ordinary Gentlemen and Wild Wild Country. Special guests include Natasha Lyonne, Bobby Moynihan, and Owen Wilson.

Black Mirror

Season 5 available June 5

Every new Black Mirror release, whether a full season of TV or a standalone event such as Bandersnatch, seems to generate endless conversations, both in real life and on the internet. The upcoming fifth season of Black Mirror has already gotten people talking, particularly about the episode set to feature Miley Cyrus. Other actors appearing in this season of the long-running anthology series include Topher Grace and Anthony Mackie, and plots tackled include a pop star living a deceptively dark life and a dangerous reunion of estranged friends.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Season 3 available June 14

Nearly two and a half years passed between the first two seasons of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but the show’s upcoming third season arrives only 15 months after season two did. Perhaps this accelerated timeframe stems from this third season also being the show’s final set of episodes. For this final installment, Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones will face a brilliant, formidable, psychopathic nemesis. In battling this enemy, she’ll have to team up with someone whom the second season finale turned into another enemy of hers. Needless to say, this final season will be tense.

Grey’s Anatomy

Season 15 available June 15

Although Sandra Oh left Grey’s Anatomy long ago for her starring turn in the incomparable BBC series Killing Eve, the show that propelled her to stardom hasn’t lost much popularity in her wake. Oh’s absence isn’t the only one marking this season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is coming to Netflix not even a month after the season finished on ABC. Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew, after ten and nine seasons respectively, did not return for season 15, but even their absence didn’t prevent the season from broadcasting to millions of weekly viewers.


Season 2 available June 21

In late December, Netflix premiered its original series Dark, which follows the disappearance of children from several families from a small German town. In investigating where these children went, the series’ many characters — each of the four central families have at least six members who appear on-screen — begin to uncover secrets that span three generations. Season two will pick up where season one left off, paving the way for an eventual third and final season.

Which new shows coming to Netflix are you most excited for this month? Sound off in the comments!

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