Five Unique Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Today is Father’s Day, an occasion for people to celebrate their dads with gifts, food, and family gatherings. The occasion is a relatively informal one, so celebrations tend to be low-key, but what if you want to do something a little bit more exciting and out of the box this year to celebrate Dad? Try the five unique Father’s Day celebration ideas below to impress Dad this year.

A state or national park adventure

If you’re within striking distance of a state or national park, take Pop out for a warm-weather walk along beautiful paths lined with trees and remarkable nature. A park visit of this caliber is more than just taking the family to a local park for a picnic or BBQ—state and national parks can offer hiking activities, kayaking and other water options, and breathtaking sights that can make for an unforgettable Father’s Day.

A brewery hop

Your dad, like many dads, might enjoy a cold beer or two over dinner or a sports game. Father’s Day is thus not an uncommon time for people to take their dads to bars and pubs, so take this idea a step further. Plot out a full-day schedule of brewery visits so Dad can try finely-crafted beers of all types in plenty of new and exciting settings. Most breweries also serve amazing snack and meal options, so a brewery day can also mean tons of great food for you and Dad.

A guided tour — any guided tour

Does your dad like art? Surprise him with tickets to a guided tour at a nearby art museum. If he’s into science, do the same for a local science museum. Take this idea to the next level by finding tours for nearby nature preserves, historically significant neighborhoods, and the like. If your dad has a longstanding hobby or interest, there’s almost certainly a tour experience for it.

A surprise potluck

Dinner with the family is one thing. But a surprise feast with all your dad’s friends? Now that’s a night he’ll never forget. Invite your dad’s friends over after any celebrations they might be having, and get your own friends in on the night — since they love you, ask them to share their gratitude to your dad for bringing you into this world and raising you well. A cake with a custom message on it for Dad could be a nice touch, too.

A game night

Many a childhood is defined by game night. Bring this tradition into adulthood for Father’s Day in a way that reminds your dad of those nights you spent together as a kid playing chess, Monopoly, or some other beloved board, card, or strategy game. You might discover that board games can be as fun an adult activity as they are a way for kids to stay entertained and busy while learning and growing. You’ll certainly show how much you appreciate your father’s influence on your earliest years.

What are some unique Father’s Day celebration ideas you might try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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