Five Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

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Two days ago marked the official start of summer, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to step their fashion game up for a new season, what better time than now? There’s no shortage of opinions out there about how you can look your summer best as temperatures keep rising. Check out the five summer 2019 fashion trends below for some inspiration.

Go full California

Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback, but in California style. Fashion experts have pointed to additional Californian style items such as bucket hats, tie-dye, and racerback tank tops as top-notch looks for this summer. Also good for topping off a Cali-inspired look are denim cut-offs and timeless casual shoes from mall brands. As long as you avoid pushing your outfit too far into the hippie aesthetic (well, unless you’re ending your summer with a trip to Burning Man), you’ll look amazing this summer as you bring Cali everywhere with you.

Wear pants loosely

Skinny jeans can be great for the colder seasons, but if you’re looking to rock pants during the year’s most sweltering months, you might want something a bit more breathable. That’s where baggier pants including slouchy trousers and wide-leg pants come in. These pants will tell people that you’re a carefree, leisurely person who’s nevertheless very considered when it comes to their summer wardrobe — wearing pants instead of shorts when it’s this hot out is a choice.

Size up your sunglasses

The days of modestly-sized sunglasses are over. With musicians including Rihanna and iLoveMakonnen rocking giant sunglasses on the daily, this summer is the season to sideline your ordinary sunglasses in favor of shield sunglasses or other extremely over-the-top sunglasses. If you’re looking to find bigger sunglasses on a budget, athletic stores often stock them for cheaper than designer brands do, but no matter what, stick with black or brown shades.

Embrace the one-piece

Rompers (and romphims!) are great fashion statements that eliminate the burden of having to find that exact pair of bottoms that perfectly matches your top. Rompers are available in monochrome or patterned styles, giving you options on what kind of statement you want your one-piece to make. A monochrome look might suggest that you’re a laid-back, utility-first person, whereas a patterned look might speak to your creativity and wild side.

Show your chest

Don’t flash anybody, of course, but fashion experts have reported that this summer, people — mostly men — are leaving their shirts all the way unbuttoned, or just forgoing them altogether. For women, a similar embracing of your body with minimal clothes can take the form of a top that completely exposes your midriff or even a knit tank that shows off most of your upper back. Think of this trend as a revamping of the summer 2016 trend of women exposing their shoulders — if that trend was so inescapable then, fearless chests might just become the next big thing now.

What are some of your favorite summer looks? What summer trends do you wish you saw more of? Sound off in the comments!

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