Millennials Prefer Lab Grown Diamonds To Mined – Here’s Why

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Selecting my fiancée Lauren’s engagement ring was no easy process. That piece of jewelry is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that symbolizes our future. To say I felt the pressure to get the perfect ring is the understatement of the century!

First, everyone in our lives had their image of the picture-perfect moment when I got down on one knee. The moment Lauren saw the ring for the first time would be retold to our children and grandchildren for the rest of our lives. To have her exclaim anything except for “it’s perfect!” could have ruined the moment.

Second, I was worried about the expense. Although Lauren’s love has no price tag and she deserves the nicest diamonds on earth, I knew the type of ring she wanted was going to set me back a pretty penny. What if I spent all that money just to end up with a ring of lesser quality?

Finally, I hated the idea of supporting the corrupt diamond industry. I try to live as eco-conscious as possible, and I knew that diamond mines wreck the environment with their unethical practices. Worse yet is the human cost of diamond mining — I couldn’t shake the thought that the big, beautiful diamond atop Lauren’s ring could turn out to be a conflict diamond. I refused to have a symbol of violence as a part of my future with Lauren.

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When I was searching for the right diamond to answer my needs, lab-grown diamonds quickly caught my attention. Lab diamonds are grown in high tech labs and are graded on the same 4c’s as mined diamonds. Not only are lab diamonds conflict-free, but they also are more affordable. I could get the diamond of Lauren’s dreams for up to 30 percent less than an identical quality mined diamond.

Lauren’s Lab Grown Engagement Ring

At first, I still hesitated to buy a lab-grown diamond. I knew that lab-grown diamonds were absolutely as real as a mined diamond, something that a lot of people don’t know while they’re starting this journey. However, buying any diamond online felt overwhelming, especially when I visited sites where hundreds of diamonds were listed and I had no idea what to choose! It also felt strange to not see my ring in person before buying it. When scouring the internet for a solution, I stumbled upon Ada Diamonds, and I was thrilled to see that they knew exactly how to settle my concerns.

I read on CNBC that Ada Diamonds came to be when the CEO struggled to find a lab-grown diamond for his wife’s engagement ring. His story really stuck with me – it resembled my situation all too closely. Then I read in Fortune that Ada Diamonds offers lab grown diamonds in custom made-to-order rings for their clients – each ring is a one-of-a kind original. It sounded like I could build Lauren’s picture-perfect ring without giving up on my values after all.

Ada Diamonds CEO Jason Payne

When I visited Ada Diamonds’ website, I discovered that Ada’s process guide nervous grooms like me on this journey. Ada Diamonds links clients with an attentive, expert gemologist called a Diamond Concierge. The Concierge offers high-resolution photos, videos, and video chat to show grooms every single detail at every step of the way. Ada Diamonds would give me the high touch experience of  a private custom jeweler with the convenience of an e-commece site.

I decided to schedule a consultation with Ada Diamonds. After submitting my initial inquiry online, my Diamond Concierge was in touch within the hour with a list of diamonds curated to my ideal diamond specifications (which I already had from Lauren’s best friend), and to my budget. I had some more questions about choosing the right diamond so I scheduled a phone call later that day with my Concierge. She answered my questions and clearly explained the process to me, so I knew my ring would be exactly what Lauren wanted. I felt so much more comfortable knowing that every diamond my Concierge showed me had already been through Ada Diamonds’ rigorous screening process, during which they reject 85% of lab diamonds as beneath their quality standards. My Concierge followed up with additional diamond options for me to review and helped me choose the perfect one for Lauren, with lots of HD photos and videos so I felt really comfortable with the diamonds. Next, the ring setting was custom designed around my specific diamond. My Concierge shared CAD drawings with me as we perfected the design, and then followed up with detailed photorealistic renderings. I knew exactly what the finished ring would look like before my design went into production.

CAD Drawing Of My Ring Prototype

Given the amount of money that I’d be spending, I felt reassured by the ease of regular communication with my Diamond Concierge. I knew Ada Diamonds would cater to nothing less than my exact vision for how Lauren’s ring should look. I was certain the diamond would be ethically created and of incredible color, clarity, cut, and carat. And since lab-grown diamonds are ethical and sustainable, going with Ada Diamonds meant that I didn’t have to sacrifice my values.

When Lauren’s engagement ring arrived, I was stunned by its beauty. It looked exactly like the photos and videos, presented in a beautiful box that was ready to go to Lauren right then and there. The ring lived up to all the expectations that my Concierge had set for me along the way. When the big day came, Lauren happily said yes, and she exclaimed “it’s perfect!” the moment she saw the ring — exactly how I’d hoped. All my friends were there to watch and cheer for us — and of course, to recall this happy moment for years to come. I can’t wait to marry her in a few months!

Our Shared Excitement

If you think the journey to find the perfect engagement ring is emotionally or financially overwhelming, you’re certainly not alone, but Ada Diamonds is there for you at every step of the way. Click here to see their custom ring-building options and schedule a consultation. Tell them another happy groom sent you!

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