Four Summer Date Ideas

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As the ice of winter thaws and the days boast more sunlight hours, people tend to go outside more to enjoy the world’s many treasures. Parks, trails, and other outdoor areas see way more visitors in the summer, but when the heat gets truly unbearable, some outdoor activities can be exhausting, if not straight-up grueling.

However, even on the muggiest of days, summer is an amazing dating season. There’s no day too hot for the beach, and when the sun goes down at 9 pm rather than the winter’s depressing 5 pm, the evening can feel a lot more romantic. Here are four summer date ideas that you might love no matter the temperature.

1. The obvious one: a beach trip

Anyone who lives near the shore or a lake probably thinks of a beach trip as the ultimate summer activity. With a car (or, in some cases, with public transit), reaching your favorite beach is just a matter of some time spent on the road — there’s not much more planning involved than that. Bring a cooler full of drinks and mixers, a wireless speaker so you can play your favorite tunes as you talk with your date, and anything else you need to have shore-specific fun. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

2. The easy one: rooftop drinks or dinner

As the day’s scorching temperatures recede into a cooler evening, find a rooftop bar or restaurant that serves drinks or dinner (or both if you’re lucky!). Order a margarita or two and share some appetizers or sides. Enjoy a striking sunset view as the sky transitions from its daytime blue into that gorgeous evening shade and, finally, that fully dark nighttime navy. If you find a rooftop bar or restaurant with a city skyline view, then you’ll really be doing this date idea right.

3. The expensive one: Find a hotel with a top-notch outdoor area

A night at a hotel is a great way to be alone with that special someone in a luxurious, unforgettable setting (though it’s a date best reserved for someone you already know well). Drop ample money on a hotel that has a swanky outdoor pool, whether in a courtyard or on a rooftop. Bring a book with you, and have your date do the same so you can chat about what you’ve read as you take in the beaming sun. If your hotel has other amenities such as a spa, all the better.

4. The group one: Go to an outdoor show

A summer date doesn’t have to be just you and one other person! Make it a double or group date with an outdoor show (a free show is likely to draw a larger number of couples). Find a concert, a play, or other event happening at a big outdoor stage near you and bring a park blanket and snacks. Your night will be full of art, food, and that person you’ll look forward to seeing again super soon.

What’s your ideal summer date? Sound off in the comments!

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