This Fund Lets Me Invest Like The One Percent

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Ever since my college economics course, I’ve learned that I need to do what Wall Street does in order to be a successful investor. It sounds great to sit back and watch my money multiply, but it takes a lot of work, and the risk is high. It’s a little nerve-wracking to see those numbers bounce up and down every day — and my money bounce right along with it.

Although I’ve made a fair sum selling stocks and investing in government bonds, I never quite found myself able to play the financial markets as skillfully as the big guys. Even though my strategy was working as expected, the volatile nature of the stock market didn’t make me feel confident in stocks as a long-term strategy. I had this feeling I was missing out on some lucrative opportunity that the one-percent use to build their fortunes — there was no way they put so much money in stocks. I talked to my financial adviser about broadening my portfolio, but even his suggestions left me feeling like I’d have to continue making the same investments I’ve always made.

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I asked my friend Doug, who’s constantly scrolling through reading The Motley Fool, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, if he read anything lately about unique investments. As it turns out, he came across a Bloomberg article about DiversyFund, which allowed him to invest in high-quality alternative assets not traditionally available to average Joes like us. Doug signed up after reading the Bloomberg article and gave the platform a spin. 

According to Doug, DiversyFund invests his money in real estate assets without charging him any platform or asset management fees; its in-house investment experts took care of the rest. With an initial investment of $500, getting started with DiversyFund didn’t require the same kind of capital as other investments, and especially not in real estate. Intrigued, I headed to DiversyFund’s website to learn more.

As I got to know DiversyFund, I was elated to learn that its assets are in private market real estate, which the one-percent has used for centuries as a major wealth creation tool. While the majority of folks typically invest their money in 30 percent bonds and 70 percent stocks, the one-percenters of the world instead invest on average 30 percent of their money in private market real estate. With DiversyFund, I could invest just like the one percent without handing over five figures’ worth of income to an investor or even buying property. 

I also learned that DiversyFund is vertically integrated, meaning that it acquires, owns, and operates all its assets. In doing so, DiversyFund eliminates the need for middlemen and brokers, getting rid of all the fees that come with them! If I invested, I’d have access to not just in-house investing experts, but real-time updates on my money and the progress of DiversyFund’s real estate projects. Each investment has its own bank account, so it’s clear which assets are performing. Plus, DiversyFund’s offering is qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation A, which means that they have to provide strict reporting requirements and annual audits just like the publicly-listed companies on the stock market. 

I signed up without hesitation. If I somehow wound up unhappy with DiversyFund, it’s not like I’d have paid anything to join. I invested the suggested  $500 minimum right away, and DiversyFund’s investment team made getting started totally hassle-free. I was thrilled to receive my first dividend notification the next month. Dividends are automatically reinvested to take advantage of compound growth. And with DiversyFund’s regular updates, I actually understood how my investment was working.

After my first few months with DiversyFund, I knew for certain I’d found the perfect supplement to the stocks and bonds in which I’d invested for years. By investing in assets not normally available to those who don’t have massive personal wealth, I’m able to grow my money in the way I’ve wanted to for such a long time. Instead of constantly feeling like I could be doing more to make my money work for me, I feel like I’m matching the financial prowess of the world’s wealthiest people. Now, with stocks, bonds, and high-quality real estate assets in my portfolio, I feel more confident than I ever have in my investment strategy.

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