Five Adorable Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

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Halloween isn’t just for kids! Pet owners have long gotten in on the fun too. Just as with kids, there’s virtually no pet that doesn’t look super funny in a spooky Halloween costume. Below, find five adorable Halloween pet costume ideas that can make walking your dog or playing with your cat even cuter and more fun than it already is.

1. Be a bee

Bees, though not usually associated with Halloween, can scare some people – after all, they do sting! Dressed as a bee, though, your pup can walk your neighborhood streets as the friendliest yellow-striped thing in town. You can also dress your cat as a bee to get a Halloween kick every time your feline friend so much as moves – cats are already funny enough when they merely exist, so imagine giving them the extra buzz of a bee? You’ll want to dress your pets up every Halloween.

2. Dress as death

Although humans tend to live in total fear of death, dogs are so adorable that skeleton costumes just look hilarious on them. It doesn’t take much searching to find dog-sized black hoodies with skeleton prints, and these fashion options can keep your dog warm in the crisp fall breeze while making him look even cuter than usual. If you have kids, bringing your skeleton dog with you while trick or treating is certain to make a joyful, lasting impression on your neighbors. 

3. Spook with spiders

If you think a death-dressed dog is still too adorable, considering finding a spider or even tarantula pet costume. Chances are your dog – or your cat, who will look extra funny chasing after a laser or toy mouse with a bunch of extra legs sticking out of her – will still look so cute you can’t stop taking pictures, but at least your pup will look totally capable of scaling walls, spinning webs, and generally causing chaos among the world’s seemingly countless arachnophobes.

4. Go full dragon

Seeking out a dragon costume is sure to result in all sorts of fun for you and your pets. Since dragons have never actually existed in the real world, costume designers have brought them to life in all manner of amusing, creative ways. Green, scaly costumes are as common as neon blue onesies with giant pointed tails. There’s no cat or dog that won’t look like the world’s least intimidating firebreather in this endearing Halloween costume – plus, as your pet’s owner, with this costume, you can claim yourself as an ever-rare dragon tamer or, for pop culture points, the Mother of Dragons.

5. Save the neighborhood

For Halloween, plenty of kids steer away from the scary things and dress as their favorite superheroes. Your pets can do this too! As the savior of your favorite comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy series, your pet can keep your neighborhood – not to mention your home – safe from all sorts of spooky dangers this Halloween.

What are some of your favorite pet Halloween costumes? Share your top picks in the comments!

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