Comparing Oliver Cabell vs. Koio

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If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of all-white low-top shoes, then the brands you see at the mall are probably already off your list. Not that the internet is a quick one-stop-shop – the world wide web is a treasure trove of enticing shoe brands. So how do you choose the right one?

Amidst all the low-top noise, you’ve probably encountered the names Oliver Cabell and Koio. These companies have become the go-to brands for anyone in need of the sleekest, comfiest all-white low tops around. Shoe lovers across the world have bought the Oliver Cabell Low 1 and Koio Capri Triple White time after time, so you might find yourself wondering which one is better for you. Read on to learn what the Low 1 and the Capri Triple White do and don’t have in common – and then decide which you prefer.

What Oliver Cabell has in common with Koio

Made in Italy. Both Oliver Cabell and Koio manufacture their all-white low-top shoes in Italy. Adding to both brands’ Italian-made quality are Italian outsoles manufactured by Margom, the undisputed maker of the world’s very best rubber sneaker soles. Whether you buy Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 or Koio’s Capri Triple White, you’ll know you’re hitting the town in shoes covered in an Italian outsole made with superior Italian craftsmanship.

Free delivery. You’ve likely saved a lot of money to buy yourself a pair of brand new, sparkling white shoes. It would be understandable if any additional costs might cause you to reconsider. Don’t worry about the extra costs of shipping, though – both Oliver Cabell and Koio have you covered.

How Oliver Cabell is different than Koio

Italian lace and leather. Koio makes its Capri Triple White in Italy and covers it with an Italian outsole. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 doesn’t have just an Italian outsole – it has Italian lace and leather too. With a full Italian leather covering, the Low 1 boasts superior leather quality.

Oliver Cabell offers a cleaning kit. The challenge with white shoes is keeping them clean. Koio doesn’t have a cleaning kit specifically engineered to remove grime and stains from its Capri Triple White, but Oliver Cabell sells a shoe care kit that will make the Low 1 look like you just bought them. Customers can add cleaner, a brush, new laces, and whitener made just for Oliver Cabells to their order!

Small batch production. Koio produces the Capri Triple White in large volumes, a process that can diminish the quality of individual shoes. Oliver Cabell instead relies on small batch production for the Low 1, so you can rest assured that each pair of shoes is lovingly and carefully crafted. Oliver Cabell is about quality, not quantity.

Less expensive. A pair of Koio Capri Triple Whites costs $248, whereas the Oliver Cabell Low 1 is $178. That’s a full $70 less expensive (nearly 30 percent), and the deal gets better. Oliver Cabell offers a $10 discount on first-time orders, bringing the Low 1 down to $168.

Family-owned. Koio is a product of venture capitalism, whereas Oliver Cabell is a family-owned business. Since Oliver Cabell is kept in the family, its shoes are made with love.

Manufacturing transparency. Oliver Cabell shares all info about its factories and provides a pricing breakdown per pair, giving customers full transparency about the shoes they’re buying. With Oliver Cabell, you can feel good about your outfit and your purchase.

Oliver Cabell vs. Koio side-by-side breakdown

Still not sure whether you prefer Oliver Cabell or Koio? We’ve broken it down for you in an easy-to-read table below.

  Oliver Cabell Koio
Made in Italy Italy
Pricing breakdown per pair Yes Not publicly available
Shoe care kit available Yes No
Factories Fully disclosed Not publicly available
Free delivery Yes Yes
Available styles 9 4
First-order discount $10 $0
Outsole Italian Italian
Laces Italian Not publicly available
Leather origin Italian Not publicly available
Production processes Small batch Large volume
Price $178 $248
Company Ownership Family Venture Capital

How to get started with Oliver Cabell

Convinced that Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 is the superior low-top white shoe? Head to Oliver Cabell’s website and grab the Low 1 now. Before you know it, your new favorite shoes will arrive at your doorstep – just don’t forget your cleaning kit to make them last a lifetime.

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