Missed the People’s Choice Awards? Here’s What Happened

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On the night of November 10, America’s favorite pop culture figures gathered in Los Angeles for the 45th annual People’s Choice Awards, which honored this year’s biggest achievements in TV, movies, and music. As with any awards show, though, the awards themselves were only part of what made the night special. Read on for a recap of everything that went down on Sunday night.

Most winners won just once, but some winners swept

The majority of the night’s winners only won one award, but some got lucky and left with two or three. At the end of the night, ever-popular Netflix sci-fi show Stranger Things walked away with not just the Drama Show of 2019 award, but the Show of 2019 award across all genres. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Stranger Things character Eleven, also won the Female Star of 2019 award (and was the only nominee under 18 years old). Keeping Up with the Kardashians won in two categories too, nabbing the Reality Show of 2019 award and securing the Reality Star of 2019 award for Khloé Kardashian. 

In the movie world, Avengers: Endgame won both Movie of 2019 and Action Movie of 2019, with Robert Downey Jr. winning Male Movie Star of 2019 for his role in the film. In the music categories, K-pop group BLACKPINK dominated, winning the awards for Concert Tour of 2019, Group of 2019, and Music Video of 2019. Pop star Shawn Mendes won two awards, one for Male Artist of 2019 and the other for Song of 2019 (for “Señorita,” his chart-topping collaboration with Camila Cabello).

Two icons had their day

Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani have long influenced pop culture, and they received proper recognition for their achievements at Sunday night’s ceremony. Aniston received the People’s Icon Award, and Stefani received the Fashion Icon Award. Both performers gave acceptance speeches, with Aniston’s comments receiving especially enthusiastic and tearful reception from fans.

One winner messed up

Although Khloé Kardashian won a major award, she later had to apologize for a ceremony mix-up. At the show, when the Kardashian family came on stage to give an acceptance speech for Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Reality Show of 2019 award, Kim Kardashian did all the talking. Fans were perplexed that Khloé, who won the Reality Star of 2019 award, said nothing. Khloé later claimed she hadn’t known she won the award because she couldn’t hear her win over the venue’s noise. She apologized for her silence and expressed her gratitude on Twitter.

One winner gave a bizarre speech

Sometimes, award shows result in acceptance speeches so strange that the internet doesn’t stop talking about them for days. At this year’s People’s Choice Awards, Noah Centineo delivered exactly this type of bizarre speech when he accepted his award for Comedy Movie Star of 2019. Some have likened his circuitous, seemingly meaningless speech to vapid social media content (which Centineo has been known to spew).

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