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FabKids is one of the leading subscription services for children’s clothes. shoes, and accessories. Parents can order kids clothes from this retailer just like on any other shopping sites, but they can also sign up for a VIP membership to benefit from discounts and other perks. Sometimes membership programs can be confusing, but this one is worth it. Be sure to read this Fabkids review to find out more about how this VIP membership works.

What Makes FabKids Unique?

Fabkids is different from other online retailers since VIP members receive a simple, easy to follow e-mail outlining clothing options specifically for Their Children’s Style. By taking a short survey you let FabKids know about what your child usually wear to receive the most relevant picks each month.

Fabkids stands out from other subscription services because it is more flexible. Even though you will receive a monthly email with recommendations and you can choose to skip the month if you don’t need anything at that time. Also, you don’t need to buy something every month to keep your VIP membership!

The VIP membership delivers a amazing value since you can get quality clothes at an affordable price. If your kids are ruining their clothes as fast as mine, you know this is really important! Fabkids is also worth it if you want to save time on shopping since this service recommends entire outfits with stylish shoes and accessories. Other mom’s at school have commented on how well dressed my kids are and FabKids is doing all the hard work.

How the Signup Process Works

Fabkids will ask you questions regarding what your child typically likes to wear and where you usually shop. This helps them make the most relevant picks for you and your child. It is best to set a few minutes aside so you can take the time to think about these questions when signing up. It only takes about 5 minutes.

FabKids sign up process

You can start the sign up process by answering a few questions about your child including his or her name, age, and size. After that, you will then have to answer a few questions about the kind of colors and outfits your child likes to wear. Lastly, you have to enter your name and email address and create a password for your VIP account which there is no charge for.

You can start shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories once you have created your VIP account. Also, you can wait for the first of the month to receive your first email with personalized recommendations.

Pricing and Value

Fabkids has a huge selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories for sizes 2 to 14. This is amazing because you can go to one single place and save money while still buying stylish kids clothes. By the way, this service is for both boys and girls where most products sold are name brands, but at discounted prices for being a VIP.

The best value is that you get a stylist service and can shop for the entire outfit. The personalized picks will help you find clothes your child is going to feel confident in.

Public Perception (Other Fabkids Reviews)

Most Fabkids reviews mention the excellent quality of the clothes. Parents typically have an amazing experience with selecting outfits and with shipping.

Other parents mention the large selection of products and the fact that the personalized picks are usually spot-on. Did I mention being able to shop for an entire outfit is a great way to save time!

Most people who have left a review feel that they are getting a good value since the clothes are durable and prices are under what retailers typically charge. The VIP members exclusively experience this perk and benefit. Note that you can get additional discounts when you first sign up, which makes Fabkids even more interesting to at least try.

FabKids has amazing customer service. Every review where someone spoke to customer service was positive. This gives me confidence to try it out and know that i’ll be protected if something goes wrong.

Fabkids is a great concept, but you should take the time to read up about how the service works. It seems that members receive several emails between the first and the fifth of the month. By doing this, you are not likely to forget to skip a month if you decide not to purchase anything.

Is It Worth It for You?

If you feel that you could use the help of a stylist to find great outfits for your child, we feel that Fabkids would be a good fit for you. This service is also worth considering if you don’t have time to shop around for new clothes each month.

Fabkids adds new clothes and outfits each month, so be sure to check back often. If you don’t see anything you like in your personalized recommendations, you can look around the site to explore other options. If there aren’t any clothes you would like to order, all you have to do is skip a month and which again, you get to keep your VIP membership. You won’t find this same level of flexibility with other similar services.

Don’t forget that you can easily cancel your VIP membership at any time. If you are thinking about trying Fabkids, give this retailer a chance and see if you like their personalized picks. Let us know in the comment box once you have decided to try Fabkids and show us the personalized picks you received!

Coupons and Deals

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