Five Eye-Catching Winter Sweater Trends

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If it’s already getting cold where you live, you’ve probably broken out your winter jacket plenty over the past couple of weeks. Your jacket might be good for more than keeping you warm – it can also be one of your boldest fashion statements. But what happens when you get inside and take it off?

That’s where sweaters come in. Not only do they add an extra layer of warmth below your jacket on the coldest days of the year, but they’re usually pretty comfy to wear in your office or home, and they can really make your outfit pop. Get your sweater game going now with these five eye-catching winter sweater trends.

1. Fair Isle sweaters

At this year’s Fashion Week, models from leading apparel brands walked the runway in not just unforgettable boots, handbags, and pants, but Fair Isle sweaters too. These sweaters feature stitchwork with alternating colors, and the sweater’s main motif is often swept across the chest area at the same circular angle as the neckline. Although Fair Isle knitwork is common in sweaters associated with Christmas, this trend should last all winter.

2. Cashmere sweaters

For something simpler than a Fair Isle knit but just as warm, try a cashmere sweater. This notoriously expensive material may be well worth your investment this winter, especially if you’re dreading the huge itch factor of thick, ultra-warm wool. Cashmere, which is made from goat fur instead of the sheep fibers that lead to wool, is just as warm, but it’s much thinner and softer. Plus, if you like to keep your outfits simple, cashmere sweaters tend to be monochrome, available in colors as familiar as they are fancy.

3. Oversized turtlenecks

Chances are that you’ve seen the occasional passerby or even friend rocking a turtleneck lately. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing turtlenecks as elementary school fashion – this winter, they’re making a comeback in the form of oversized sweaters as practical as they are pretty. After all, what’s better than a sweater that does the usual job of keeping your body warm while going the extra mile and covering your neck? You might just never need a scarf again.

4. Vests

If you’re quick to dismiss turtlenecks, then you almost certainly aren’t giving vests their proper due. Sure, your grandparents might love their vests, but if you take one look at this winter’s sweater trends, you’ll see that you can too. Combine your sweater vest with a long-sleeve shirt or blouse for maximum chic, or match it with a cute short-sleeve turtleneck top to really serve winter looks.

5. Graphic sweaters

You’ve heard of graphic tees, but what about graphic sweaters? Combine the eye-popping looks of your favorite store-bought tee with the warmth of a sweater for maximum fall fashion. Bonus points if you layer up enough that you can wear your sweater as your outermost layer – who needs a coat when your sweater is so impossible to turn away from?

What are some of your favorite winter sweater trends? Sound off in the comments!

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