How You Can Learn a Language in Four Weeks

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My friends and I like to travel, but we never thought to actually learn that country’s native language before we packed our bags. An app named Babbel changed that. It’s so easy to use that all of us now master languages before we travel. It’s a hands-free, voice-controlled, fun way to learn the language of your choice in just four weeks – a claim proven by the City University of New York!

Think about it – don’t you want to chat with locals, ask for directions, and order from restaurant menus without any obstacles? Commit to Babbel for a month, and you’ll be able to do that and more. Actually, commit is a strong word – Babbel isn’t time-intensive in the least. You can easily finish bite-sized, 15-minute exercises while completing other tasks vital to your day, whether that’s getting ready in the morning, on your commute, or cooking dinner when you get home. No need to stress – Babbel fits seamlessly into your pre-established routine. With 14 languages to choose from, you can learn the native tongue of many popular destinations before takeoff.

Through Babbel, you won’t lose time on classes that last for hours, require you to be there in person, and offer little individual attention. You won’t spend nearly as much money as with these classes, either. For just $7 per month, you’ll have access to exercises, games, and interactive dialogues developed by language experts from over 40 countries. And your Babbel experience will be personalized, too: If you want to learn terms related to business, travel, or other topics, you can easily customize your Babbel lessons to focus on your biggest interests.

No matter which language you want to learn, Babbel prioritizes exercises that resemble real-life dialogue rather than repetition of abstract sentences, new vocabulary, and grammar examples. Since you’ll be having actual spoken conversations with Babbel, you’ll gain the natural rhythm and feel for how native speakers actually talk.

Both Babbel’s website and its mobile app offer entirely interactive lessons, with material from prior lessons incorporated to promote long-term, permanent learning. All lessons prioritize linguistic concepts you already know from your own native language, meaning that you’ll effortlessly latch onto how your new language works. And Babbel updates regularly with new exercises you can incorporate into your lessons, whether you learn best by reading, writing, listening, seeing, or speaking.

Speaking of which, Babbel’s most distinct quality is arguably its top-notch voice technology. When you talk with Babbel, you won’t be chatting with a robot programmed to speak the language. You’ll be conversing with a native speaker whose pronunciations, accents, and pace of speech resemble what you’ll find in the real world. These interactive dialogues use the long-proven technique of communicative didactics to perfectly sculpt your own pronunciation, accent, and pacing. Plus, Babbel’s voice technology is the main reason for its multi-tasking ease – since you can voice-operate the app, your hands and eyes are free to use for other work.

If your experience winds up being like mine, you’ll feel confident in your speaking abilities after just one week. When it’s time to learn a new language, I use Babbel twice daily, once while taking my morning shower (it hears me perfectly over the pitter-patter of water splashing everywhere) and again while whipping up my classic dinner stir-fry. Each lesson takes just 15 minutes, yet by the end of my first month learning a language, I’m a master at my craft. My friends have taken to Babbel too with just as strong of results, and with the program’s ease of use and incomparable time savings, you can do the same.

If you want to learn a language in a month without spending much money or losing time from your day, Babbel is giving 25% off to new members! Click here to join Babbel and start your easy, fun path toward mastering a new language.

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