This Coat Is As Warm As Canada Goose at a Fraction of the Cost

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I love living and working in Manhattan, but hopping between meetings during the brutal winters here is just the worst. I blame it on my jackets: I’ve never quite found a coat that both looks good and keeps me warm as I walk from the office to nearby lunch spots. Like everyone else in New York City, I tried a big, puffy jacket but felt super self-conscious whenever I walked out the door. Plus, I could barely move my arms – not helpful when I needed to grab my Metro Card or my phone. Sure, I was warm, but I kept worrying about how ridiculous I looked. I swapped that puffy number for one of those thinner, packable-style jackets, but they didn’t do a thing to ward off the chill without tossing a sweater and a scarf underneath.

For a while, my co-workers were pushing me to try out a Canada Goose jacket. Well-made, and warm, I loved the look and function of these jackets. However, when I saw the $1,000 price tag, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. There was no way I was spending that much, if its a high quality, well-made coat. There had to be something cheaper but just as effective.

While reading jacket reviews online, I stumbled upon People’s list of the best new fashion launches and saw January’s Lee parka. The initial launch from the same brand that brought us cult favorite Andie Swim, January claimed to be the same quality as a Canada Goose jacket at a fraction of the cost, because they cut out the middleman that marks up all those high-quality materials at a premium price. They used the same factories and suppliers as those premium parka brands, without that little label stitched on the inside, consumers like me could save hundreds of dollars off the retail price.

Below the waterproof and windproof shell was a layer of synthetic down in place of traditional down, thick enough to keep a warm profile but thin enough to not create that hated Michelin Man look. The removable fur-lined hood provided an added layer of protection against the bitter cold, and with five pocket options, there would be no shortage of places to hold my things. 

Sure, I’d nevertheless pay a bit chunk more than what I’d spent on previous coats, but it was worth the investment to keep me warm and dry all winter long. I was aiming for a years long purchase, too, so I was willing to spend on something that look great for many winters. Plus, January offers a “try before you buy” policy, so I could return my Lee for free if I didn’t like it. Seeing no reason not to take it for a spin, I placed my order and waited to try it out.

The Lee parka arrived on a cold, windy, and rainy day — the perfect opportunity to try it out. The first thing I noticed when I put it on was how sleek and modern this jacket was. It wasn’t just sleek, but flattering — the princess cut made me feel feminine and not like I was wrapped in a walking sleeping bag. I adjusted the waist to my liking and was shocked that this jacket supported a shape that wasn’t just, well, round. I didn’t look fluffy from any angle, but felt as warm as I did in my giant puffy coat. I headed down the block for a quick drugstore run and was genuinely surprised to feel as toasty warm as I did in my apartment.

With a coat this high-end and thoughtfully prepared, I felt ready to take on not just work meetings, but date nights and dinners with friends while looking fashionable and staying warm. In the following days, the Lee proved its worth so well that I almost forgot how difficult I found previous winters. Of course, I didn’t need to take advantage of that free return policy. There’s no way I was wearing any jacket but the Lee again. This parka is so eye-catching, comfortable, and all-around warm that I can confidently go anywhere in it. I’ve found the winter jacket I’ll wear for years to come, and it’s all thanks to January’s superior construction and keen eye for fashion.

If you’re seeking the winter jacket best for both your wardrobe, your warmth and your wallet. January is offering PeopleHype readers an exclusive discount on the Lee! Head to January’s website and use the code INEEDIT20 when you order the Lee to get 20 percent off. At the non-sale price, especially when compared to coats of this caliber, the Lee is a steal – and with this discount, you can rock January’s unparalleled parka for an even better deal. 

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