Five Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably think of, among other things, romantic dates with your partner. But with Valentine’s Day being such a storied romantic tradition, you might also be worried that whatever you do for Valentine’s Day this year will underwhelm or disappoint your partner. Try one of these five unforgettable Valentine’s Day date ideas to make the holiday an occasion that you and your partner will remember fondly.

1. Light an evening bonfire

There are few sights prettier than a fire gently burning against the backdrop of a gorgeous evening sunset. Find an open grassy area, whether your backyard or an expanse of forest in a wooded area near you, to throw some logs down and get a bonfire going. Bring marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to add s’mores to your romantic, intimate bonfire for an especially unforgettable Valentine’s Day date.

2. Take a paint and sip class

For some people, painting can be fun, but for others, conjuring anything resembling artistic talent is, to say the least, frustrating. When alcohol is in the picture, that might change. Paint and sip classes give you and your partner the opportunity to get a little bit buzzed and have a blast as you attempt to paint the same picture as everyone else in the room. Your results might come out completely differently than your partner’s, and the gap is often hilarious and adorable, plus you’ll get to bring home a couple of painted mementos from your unforgettable Valentine’s Day date.

3. Go candy crazy

Valentine’s Day is often associated with sweets ranging from heart-shaped chocolates to candy hearts. For a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day date, make the day’s big event a trip to the candy store, where you can stock up on whatever sweets your heart desires. Don’t set a time limit for your time in the store – go candy crazy with a trip that lasts as long as you and your partner want. Then, bring your candy home and have some of it while cuddled up under a blanket watching a movie together to really end your night the right way.

4. Make dinner for two

Valentine’s Day dates often take place in fancy restaurants, sometimes over bottles of expensive wine and delightful meals. Replicate the experience in the comforts of your own home to both save money and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date. Groceries are way cheaper than restaurant meals, and you and your partner are likely to have tons of fun preparing a romantic meal together. For some Valentine’s Day homemade dinner ideas, click here.

5. Hit the spa

Spas are the ultimate in relaxation, with massages, saunas, steam rooms, and other calming, soothing experiences available to anyone who enters. Treat yourself and your partner to a day of luxurious self-care at a spa near you to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Many spas offer couples’ discounts for Valentine’s Day, but their massage specialists might already be booking their last appointments, so make your arrangements now!

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day date look like? Share your dreams in the comments!

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