Savage X Fenty’s Comfiest Looks Are Already Selling Out

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Why sacrifice comfort for looks? Thanks to Savage X Fenty’s lingerie, days of stiff fabrics and sharp wires are OVER. More women than ever want to be comfy when they put on a bra and undies, and they’re shopping brands like Savage X Fenty that deliver. It doesn’t mean they want to give up looking cute — but you can totally look and feel like a queen without wearing something scratchy so close to your body.

Women of all backgrounds have found new joy in unlined bras and lace Brazilians that don’t squeeze and bind in all the wrong ways — while still letting women love who they see in the mirror. As ever, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line is leading the pack in these popular lingerie styles.

In Rihanna’s world, lingerie isn’t about appealing to others. It’s about finding the best woman in yourself without stepping into clothes that cram and pinch instead of celebrate and uplift. The newest pieces from her Savage X Fenty line are all about achieving prime comfort instead of tolerating a terrible fit just to please other people. Here are all the flattering and comfortable new pieces Savage X Fenty is selling for women who refuse to sacrifice serenity for sexiness.

1. Scalloped Lace Unlined Bra

Available in Caviar Black, Unicorn Lavender Pink, and Green Lemongrass, this deeply sexy bra does away with the lining.

2. Daisy Lace Triangle Bralette

This wireless wonder feels as soft as it is supportive.

3. Daisy Lace Brazilian

With daisy lace in the back and geo lace back in the front, this comfy pair pulls double duty.

4. Flocked Logo Bralette

X marks the spot. Another wireless and unlined winner is a fabulous fit. You’ll almost forget it’s there.

5. Flocked Logo G-String

With little more than some nylon and a couple of golden X’s, you’ll feel as comfortable as if you were wearing nothing – and you almost are.

6. Lacy Not Racy Unlined Bra

A tiny bow at the front of this unlined bra by the legendary designer Adam Selman makes this geo mesh bra more than cozy – it’s cute, too.

7. Lacy Not Racy Brazilian

The lace in these lingerie bottoms means that comfort comes first, and as you feel like your best self, you’re also bound to look it. Pair with the unlined bra of the same name for an ultimate stunner look.

If you’re new to Savage X Fenty, this is the best time to buy your first pieces from them! Savage X Fenty is currently running a 2 for $29 spring sale on bras and bralettes plus 50% off all other items, so you can get your best looks and feels at an unbeatable price. Just click here to join Savage X Fenty and get access to massive discounts on lingerie made to not just empower women of all shapes, sizes, and races, but to give them the comfort they’ve sought for years, too.

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