The Mattress and Sheets That Give Me Healthier, Cleaner Sleep

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There’s truly no greater feeling than slipping into a crisp set of clean sheets every night. But how clean are those sheets? They might feel fresh, but I can’t help but think of what’s really lurking beyond what I can see and feel. Even with a nighttime shower, I can only imagine the germs and microbes gathering in my bed. Dirt, dry skin, and especially sweat — they all make their way into the sheets and the mattress. Frankly, it’s gross.

I could get around this by changing or washing my sheets every single day, but that simply isn’t realistic. I began to wonder, could I change my sleep environment to be cleaner and calm my worries about what’s hiding out in my bed? And even if I found a way to get a cleaner bed, would that help me stop sweating and giving germs more space to thrive? Is there even such a thing as cleaner sheets?

Thanks to Molecule, I found the bedding that puts my mind at ease. I stumbled upon the brand while researching the best mattresses and linens for staying dry and sleeping soundly, and what I discovered intrigued me. Molecule’s mattresses use several layers of proprietary foam that destroy any microbes gathering in whatever I leave behind. This bedding provides improved airflow over the average mattress and cotton sheet — that means my body temperature would be much better regulated and my sweating would decrease altogether.

I was intrigued enough to explore Molecule sheets and mattresses, and that’s when I learned how the Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban and Tencel sheets work to support clean and healthy sleep. The Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban includes microbe-eliminating technology and extreme open-cell foam that maximizes airflow and helps decrease chances of cross-contamination. Combined inside the Molecule 2 Mattress, all these foams result in a sleep surface with five times more airflow than traditional memory foam. Similarly, Molecule’s Tencel sheets enable twice as much airflow as traditional cotton, and this quality combines with the sheets’ water-absorbing properties to minimize the surface area available for bacterial growth.

The science behind Molecule’s products convinced me to buy them. My choice came with little risk: I could try the Molecule 2 Mattress for 100 days before committing and the Tencel sheets for 30 days. Returns would be free and easy, plus I’d get Molecule’s infinity warranty on any product I decided to keep.

Not that I needed to redeem that money-back guarantee: I’ve had my Molecule 2 Mattress with Microban and Tencel sheets for well over 100 days, and I’m finally sleeping well since I no longer worry about the germs and microbes lurking in my bed. Sweaty, worried nights are a thing of my past now that I’ve switched to Molecule, I know my bed is clean, and I’m confident in my sheets’ safety without constantly feeling the need to run my linens through the laundry. Molecule’s clean, healthy materials keep the germs – and my stress – away.

If you too want clean, healthy sleep, bring home the Molecule 2 Mattress and Tencel sheets now for 20% off your purchase! Molecule offers contactless delivery straight to your door. Use the code CLEAN20 at checkout to sleep safe and sound.

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