5 Reasons To Skip The Store And Shop Sustainably On Public Goods

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If you prioritize living sustainably, then most shopping experiences might give you pause. Even if your go-to supermarket carries eco-conscious goods, the plastic bags, excessive food wrappers, and containers that never biodegrade continue to pollute the globe. When you buy towels, cleaning products, or hygiene items, the paper and cardboard used to store them mean more trees cut down. And every time you drive to a store, you’re burning fossil fuels.

Sometimes, it might seem impossible to live sustainably, but with Public Goods, you can buy high-quality, home-delivered everyday products made sustainably and stored in sustainable bottles and packaging. Public Goods isn’t just the most eco-friendly shop around – it’s an affordable marketplace that takes the guesswork out of determining which shampoo, coffee, or candle is best. Below, find five reasons why Public Goods is the best shopping option for your everyday needs.

1. Public Goods prioritizes renewable resources 

Public Goods uses eco-friendly packaging and ingredients whenever possible. Many of its plastic bottles are made from sugarcane, which is far more renewable than petroleum and actually absorbs carbon dioxide during production. Similarly, Public Goods often uses tree-free paper in its packaging and gets all its materials from carefully chosen, highly ethical vendors. Plus, for every order placed, Public Goods plants a tree.

2. Get everything you need without decision fatigue

Need chickpeas for your next homemade hummus or kidney beans for your next chili? Through Public Goods, you can get those just as easily as you can get protein powder, hand soap, and razors, as Public Goods sells an abundance of groceries, household goods, personal care items, and vitamins and supplements. Plus, you won’t have to do any guesswork choosing the highest-quality or best-priced item: Public Goods did all the legwork for you and presents you with the best option — no more decision fatigue.

3. Delivered right to your doorstep

If you prioritize sustainable shopping, you know that finding an eco-friendly option can be a labor of love. You also might feel guilty about driving to wherever you get sustainable goods. Public Goods products are all home-delivered, saving you time in your quest for sustainable products – and saving the environment from more of your carbon emissions.

4. Finally, affordable sustainability

Let’s face it: Sustainable living isn’t the cheapest option. A trip to the organic supermarket or another source for sustainable, high-quality products means a hefty amount spent getting what you need. Not an issue with Public Goods: Since no distributors, retailers, or other middlemen are involved, you’ll shop directly from them at unbeatable prices. Getting started with Public Goods is cost-saving and easy too: The first 14 days of your Public Goods membership are free, as are any returns made within 30 days. Sustainable living has never been so affordable!

5. Products of the utmost quality 

Public Goods knows that you care about what’s in your products. That’s why Public Goods ensures that everything it sells meets the highest standards possible, whether that means organic, vegan, gluten-free, or tree-free options. All Public Goods items last longer thanks to reliable processes and high-end, clean, and ethically sourced ingredients. And with longer-lasting products comes less waste and pollution, bringing both Public Goods’ and your own commitment to sustainability full circle.

If you’ve long sought affordable, easy options for getting a wide variety of sustainable goods, sign up for a Public Goods membership now for $15 off with code PG2020. It’s not just the earth that will thank you – your body and budget will, too.

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