Five Reasons Why Ekster Will Be Your Last Wallet Ever

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When you’re paying for things at a bar, restaurant, or anywhere else, accessing your credit or debit cards in a jiffy can prove tricky. The few seconds you spend desperately fumbling to remove your cards from the thin slots in your wallet can feel like a lifetime when a cashier, server, or bartender is awaiting your payment. Or worse yet, what if you try to find your cards but realize you’ve entirely lost your wallet?

Ekster’s wallets eliminate these problems and more. Ekster wallets make card access significantly easier than traditional wallets do, and they come with technologies that’ll help you track your wallet if it’s lost or stolen. Plus, they resist aging and degradation, and don’t occupy a ton of space in back pockets. Here’s how Ekster pulls off all these exciting feats.

1. A discreet pop-up button for credit card access

Imagine the scene: It’s time to close out your tab, but you’ve taken so long to pull your credit card from your wallet that the bartender has moved on to another group and won’t be back your way for a while. With Ekster’s Senate cardholder and the Parliament wallet, the moment it’s time to pay, just tap the discreet button at the base of your wallet, and all your cards will pop up in ways that make them super easy to grab. Never fumble for cards again!

2. Solar-powered global wallet tracking

Leave your wallet at a friend’s house or, worse yet, a cab? With Ekster, you can find your wallet again in seconds. Some Ekster wallets include a solar powered tracking device that works no matter where in the world you travel. Even though Ekster wallets are thin and sleek, you can find them anywhere.

3. Thin and sleek for front pocket use

Say goodbye to adjusting in your seat to stop your wallet from digging into your backside. Ekster’s wallets are thin and sleek enough to fit neatly in your front pocket like a smartphone. Forget unbuttoning your back pocket, digging in for your wallet, and then struggling to pull out your cards – just snatch your Ekster from your front pocket, tap the button, and voila!

4. Nearly cash-free purchasing power

Nearly every store these days accepts debit and credit cards. With Ekster’s wallets, you don’t have to deal with coins and bills. Though Ekster’s wallets do have expandable cashbands for people who need some cash, they’re primarily focused on accommodating 12 cards – more than enough for all kinds of low-to-no contact purchasing situations.

5. Lasts a lifetime

Other wallets fray at the seams or come apart due to cheap construction. Ekster’s wallets are made from high-end leather that lasts a lifetime. With the world slowly transitioning to an entirely cashless structure based on mobile payments, Ekster’s long-lasting, smooth-to-the-touch leather construction makes the Senate or the Parliament the last wallet you’ll ever own.

Convinced that a cash-free, long-lasting wallet with easy card access, front pocket storage, and tracking is the upgrade you need? Head to Ekster’s website now to take 20 percent off your first purchase! You can also get a FREE cash clip when you use the promo code CLIP-T3R.

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