How To Get Savage X Fenty’s Comfiest, Sexiest Bras For Less Than $15

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When it comes to bra options, there’s no shortage of complaints about certain major brands. You probably relate: The fabric is itchy, there’s zero support, there’s too much cramming and pinching. Who can feel sexy when they’re worrying about how uncomfortable they are? When you shop Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, these complaints disappear.

Savage X Fenty is known for bras that forgo stiff fabrics and sharp wires in favor of comfort-optimized seductiveness and plenty of that much-needed support. And that only makes sense: Rihanna is a leading lady of luxury and empowerment, so her lingerie line follows in her footsteps – especially the brand’s top 10 bras of 2020.

With options spanning microfiber and cotton, lace and lined, pure black or multi-color gradient, Savage X Fenty’s best bras of 2020 have both look and feel covered – even if that coverage doesn’t always apply to your body. Rihanna designed these bras for all women, so no matter who you are, you can turn to Savage X Fenty for a gorgeous look without any of the itch or discomfort. Try any of these top 10 bras to feel empowered and sexy while staying comfy and luxurious.

1. Leopard Blue Savage Not Sorry Microfiber Low-Cut Balconette Bra     

Whether you go for Pink Flash or Leopard Blue, with this low-cut and ultra-soft microfiber bra, you’ll never have to apologize for showing off some skin.

2. Savage Not Sorry Microfiber & Lace Half Cup Bra

Made of half microfiber and half (comfy!) lace, this bra exposes the core of your power while ensuring you don’t sacrifice softness for it.

3. Dark Purple Cotton Essentials Bralette

This bra’s two-layer, supportive front and fully adjustable straps allow you to look stunning in exactly the way that best fits your body.

4. Pink Flash Savage Not Sorry Microfiber Low-Cut Balconette Bra

An even brighter alternative to the leopard blue balconette, this hot pink low-cut bra is a joy not just to see, but to wear.

5. Snakeskin T-Shirt Bra

While you can choose from almost any color when it comes to Savage X Fenty’s ultra-popular, ultra-comfy Snakeskin T-Shirt Bra, the shimmering silver-gray snakeskin option is a standout stunner that’s sure to become your go-to.

6. Floral Glow Lace Balconette Bra

Get the full glow-up while feeling serene. This black lace stunner shines without scratching.

7. Forever Savage Bralette with Rainbow Logo

Make a splash in not just all colors, but in pure bliss, thanks to ultra-soft cotton and stretchy-without-binding elastane.

8. Lavender T-Shirt Bra

For a gorgeously monochrome take on the snakeskin t-shirt bra, try this lavender option for a color that looks as comforting as it feels.

9. Flocked Logo Unlined Bra

With exclusive flocked logo fabric and plenty of comfort-first features, this bra is enticing, unforgettable, and itch-free!

10. Icy Leopard Purple Cotton Essentials Bralette

This version of the Cotton Essentials Bralette is cool and calming for both your mind and your body.

If you’re interested in any of Savage X Fenty’s best bras, now is the perfect time to get them! Savage X Fenty is currently offering a two for $29 deal on its top 10 bras, meaning that you can get comfort and jaw-dropping looks at an almost unthinkably affordable price. Head here to become a Savage X Fenty member and empower yourself without sacrificing comfort.

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