I’m Never Going Back To Bulky, Chalky Vitamins. Here’s Why…

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Even if you prioritise taking care of your body, you probably don’t love swallowing pills. When a glass of water just isn’t in reach and you need to take a pill for any reason, that dry swallow is just the worst. And even when you do have a glass of water at your side, gulping down a huge vitamin C or probiotics can still be rough. (Have you seen how big vitamins can be?) 

What if you could enjoy a fully chewable vitamin instead, one that includes only exactly the vitamins, nutrients and superfoods to help you optimise your lifestyle and goals? With Nourished, you can do just that. 

Nourished is the world’s first 100% personalised gummy vitamin. If you need nutrients primed for certain body and mind benefits, you can get them through Nourished, glass of water or not. Here are all the reasons you should choose Nourished over the typical multi-vitamin.

1. It’s totally personalised 

When you choose Nourished for your vitamin kick, you only get exactly what your body needs. That’s because you choose what goes into your vitamins since Nourished is the world’s first 100% customisable and personalised gummy vitamin. It’s like buying clothes – you wouldn’t buy a size that doesn’t fit you, right? With Nourished, you finally have gummy vitamins that perfectly fit your body’s needs.

If you’re not sure what you need, choose from one of Nourished’s pre-formulated stacks. Choose from 10 options, including Menopure to help cope with hot flushes, Packed & Stacked for energy, and Inner Beauty for health skin, hair, and nails.

2. It’s made to order 

Yes, Nourished is the world’s first entirely customisable gummy vitamin, but it’s even more than that. Once you choose what’s going in your gummy stack, Nourished 3D-prints them for you on-demand. That’s true customisation!

3. It’s not only convenient, but easy to absorb

Gummies are delicious, convenient, and easy to measure out. Just take one whenever it’s convenient for you and be on your way!

Their unique gummy format isn’t just convenient — it’s formulated for improved absorption. Nourished has 99.5% or higher nutrient density than the standard tablet, made with high-quality ingredients that are more bioavailable (better absorbed by your body) than the standard vitamin. That means you’ll get more goodness and feel the effects more with each Nourished gummy than you would with a standard capsule.

4. It may be a gummy, but it’s good for you

Even with all this food tech, Nourished’s gummies remain wholefood, sugar-free, and free from all major allergens. The sweetness comes from erythritol and maltitol; sugar alcohols that won’t impact your blood sugar or pack on unnecessary calories. Their proprietary vegan formula leaves gelatin and milk ingredients behind, so our gummies are lifestyle friendly

5. It’s 3D-printed 

The future is here! The brand 3D-prints its gummies on demand instead of mass manufacturing thousands of the same product at the same time. There’s a reason for that: individually 3D-printing gummies ensures their high quality and gives them that powerful absorption and efficacy that’s a Nourished hallmark. It gives us the ability to produce your unique formula on demand for peak freshness. Plus, it’s just wicked cool!

6. You can cancel and resume your subscription anytime

Getting started with Nourished is risk-free. That’s because the brand lets you change your subscription whenever and restart it as you please.

7. It has super high ratings

According to Feefo reviews, Nourished is the highest-rated vitamin in the U.K., traditional pills included. Turns out people love the brand’s customisation options, and why wouldn’t they? With Nourished, you’ll get exactly the nutrients best for your body, and you’ll get to enjoy the delightful texture and taste of a gummy as you do it. Now that’s taking care of yourself.

If you’re looking for the world’s tastiest and most convenient, customisable, and efficacious vitamins, then sign up for Nourished now for 50% off your first box! Just use the code SAVE50 at checkout to put the power – and ease – of proper nourishment back in your hands.

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