ShoeDazzle Holds Up To Steve Madden – For A Whole Lot Less. Here’s How

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I look for durability, comfort, affordability (I buy a LOT of shoes), and of course, that cuteness factor, when I go shopping for shoes. I often find myself online shoe shopping at least four times a week, and let’s be real, the perfect pair of shoes can easily dial an outfit up to a 10. The problem is this habit can be expensive.

For years, I turned to big brands like Steve Madden every time I bought a new pair of shoes. I knew every purchase would be of great quality, comfortable and be a staple in my wardrobe. I really didn’t want to waste time and money experimenting with new brands, but my roommate Jamie suggested that I could get the same quality for a fraction of the price from ShoeDazzle.

While I wasn’t that interested at first, Jamie was adamant that I would love them if I simply gave them a try. She tagged me in some Instagram posts, and damn, their shoes were cute. Those posts were enough to get me to read more about the hype surrounding ShoeDazzle — why are so many women trading in their classics for this new brand? As it turns out, ShoeDazzle has a reputation for quality shoes at a great price.

Long story short, Jamie was right. But what was it exactly that finally got me, the expensive, big brand shopper to switch it up? Here’s why I said goodbye to Steve and hello to ShoeDazzle.

1.   ShoeDazzle Gives Me More Bang for My Buck

I took advantage of ShoeDazzle’s offer: any pair of shoes starting at $10. Those glittery gold heels I saw on Instagram were just as magnificent on Instagram as they were in my living room, having a “Cinderella moment” right there on the couch.

2.   ShoeDazzle Fit and Comfort are Unbeatable

If you’re anything like me, finding the a pair of shoes that not only look great, but feel great can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Every pair I’ve ordered from ShoeDazzle fit great and kept me on my feet for hours. I’ve seriously never found a store who’s shoes consistently fit this well!

3.   ShoeDazzle Quality is Unmatched

When buying my first pair from ShoeDazzle starting at $10, I naturally assumed I’d be sacrificing quality for price. When my first pair arrived and I felt the materials and stitching I knew I found something great. My $10 purchase felt just like a recent $90 Steve Madden purchase.

And then there’s the amazing reviews: 86% Of ShoeDazzle customers would recommend to family and friends, and a solid 8.0 rating on TrustPilot so I know I can shop confidently.

4.   ShoeDazzle Has Options for Every Occasion

ShoeDazzle is always coming out with new styles and re-makes of classic favorites. Now no matter if I’m looking for a cute pair of weekend sandals or something a little more fashionable for date night I know ShoeDazzle will have it.

5. Shop ShoeDazzle and Get Your First Pair Starting At Only $10

I’m beyond happy that I made the switch to ShoeDazzle. It’s shoe shopping I don’t need to think about — I just put them on, and I know they’ll be comfortable, hold up against my toughest days, and look cute to boot. I’m paying the best prices I’m likely to ever pay for shoes, too. I don’t regret making the switch one bit.

Curious about ShoeDazzle and want to try for yourself? New customers can select a new style starting at $10 when they become a VIP Member! Be warned, though — the hype is real, and you may never look back!

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