OROS X NASA Collab Is Breaking The Internet

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Outerwear brand OROS  is proud of its NASA-inspired roots, designing lightweight and ultra-thin jackets that are literally warm enough to withstand temps as low as -455°F common in outer space. Now, for the first time, OROS is officially collaborating with NASA to bring you the OROS x NASA 39A Flight Jacket!

Quick Read: OROS is launching an exclusive limited edition NASA collab and you can sign up to be notified about the launch. As a bonus, if you refer friends to get on the invite list you can earn free OROS swag!

The limited-edition jacket is dropping on October 1, the 62nd anniversary of NASA’s formation. The OROS x NASA 39A Flight Jacket brings the world’s most advanced space tech down to earth, introducing only 400 of these jackets into the market. Each one will be signed and certified by Kathy Sullivan, a U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee and the first American woman to walk in space.

The OROS x NASA 39A Flight Jacket takes its name from NASA launchpad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, which the agency originally built to launch the Apollo missions. Since then, launchpad 39A has been used for almost every historically significant rocket launch. Just as the jacket’s name recalls NASA’s legacy, the jacket itself likewise contains ultra-insulating technologies that NASA uses in its outer space equipment. OROS worked with NASA to place SOLARCORE insulation inside the 39A Flight Jacket in the same modular arrangement as inside NASA spacesuits.

While some OROS customers might not immediately know what a modular arrangement means, this arrangement’s benefits should be familiar: Flexible warmth with no earthly limits. OROS prided itself on its unbeatable warmth even before it began collaborating with its biggest inspiration, with the brand branding its popular Orion Parka as “the warmest jacket on planet earth.” A bold claim, but one backed by science: OROS’ has tested its Orion Parka at negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit many times, and every time, it has passed with flying colors. The Orion Parka, like the new 39A Flight Jacket, is powered by full-coverage SOLARCORE insulation.

The new 39A Flight Jacket also expands upon another key feature of the Orion Parka. Like its predecessor, the 39A Flight Jacket is designed with both fashion and function in mind. The 39A Flight Jacket trades the bulk often found in other winter jackets for a sleek, slender look that OROS has long said works equally well as everyday wear and adventure gear. At once high-tech and fashionable, the 39A Flight Jacket combines OROS’ three loves: Low weight, striking structure, and NASA-grade warmth.

That all OROS offerings are forged in the style of NASA isn’t a small factor in the brand’s origin story. OROS co-founder and CEO Michael Markesbery became an Astronaut Scholar in 2014, and with the 39A Flight Jacket, he looks back upon his path. Through OROS, Markesbery will donate 10 percent of all 39A Flight Jacket revenue to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

How can you get the OROS x NASA 39A Flight Jacket? Longtime OROS customers and newcomers alike can sign up to be notified at this link. This is an extremely limited release and will sell out quickly.

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