Thanks To Shoedazzle, I Can Live My Influencer Dreams For Less

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Influencers really have it all. I don’t just mean the following and the fame – I mean the massive, ever-stylish wardrobes that look amazing on camera. And it’s not just gorgeous blouses and glamorous makeup. Shoes are a big part of the picture too – who doesn’t look more powerful in a pair of striking high heels or thigh-high boots? Shoes make the outfit! I too wanted this influencer-style glamour and, okay, a bit of recognition to boot, even if it’s only among my friends and family who follow me. But how could I get all that while sticking to my budget?

The answer, it turns out, is Shoedazzle. The brand’s prices are so affordable that I did a double-take while browsing. How was an over-the-knee heeled boot as fabulous as the Oriella High Block Heel Boot that affordable? I was in disbelief at this brand I’d found amidst some desperate Googling until I saw all the reviews confirming that I wouldn’t sacrifice quality for cost when I made the switch.

That’s right – with Shoedazzle, you get more than what you pay for. Heels that don’t lead to chafing, blisters, soreness, and pain? Check. Styles that rival the big-name shoe brands? Another check. Oh, and steep discounts if you buy often? Check again. I felt nearly certain I’d found the shoe brand to put me on that influencer path, and to know for sure, I bought the Oriellas and vowed to try them on the moment they arrived at my house.

I also signed up for the Shoedazzle VIP membership when I bought my Oriellas. Since Shoedazzle sends all its VIP members a showroom of new Shoedazzle options at the top of each month, I too could switch up my looks and show off my new faves like all the influencers I love.   I’m such a shoe fanatic so I usually shop every month when new collections drop or just save up my credits towards my next purchase. Very rarely I would feel like not getting new shoes and can just simply log into my account in the beginning of the month and choose to skip the month instead. It really depends on my mood but the membership is so flexible, the power is always in my hands (and on my feet)  

Once I clicked the “place order” button, it didn’t take long for my Oriellas to arrive. Sure enough, they fit like a charm and shined brightly like Cinderella’s glass slippers without causing me any pain or discomfort. Naturally, I put on my best outfit to match my Oriellas and took a shot for Instagram, where super positive comments flooded my post. My followers’ excitement made me feel exactly how I wanted to feel, and I hadn’t spent much money to get there, so I bought two more Shoedazzle shoes and began dreaming about my next big photoshoot!

Sure enough, my two new boots – the Annabeth Quilted Flat Boot and the Shandee Lace-up Bootie – were just as comfy and fairly priced. They were also even bigger hits with my Instagram crowd, which kept growing as I posted daily shots of me in dresses or blouses, jeans or skirts, and always a Shoedazzle pair to boot. The more people who paid attention, the more Shoedazzle shoes I felt compelled to buy – and always could, thanks to these prices.

I’ve now been a Shoedazzle member for nearly a year, and I’ve got a full influencer’s closet of shoes to show for it. That’s actually a pretty big feat: Other shoes might have fallen apart by now, but not these. I’m not only getting actual foot support alongside my affordable fashion, but I’m also getting shoes that last. My legacy as an influencer might also last now that my following has truly exploded thanks to Shoedazzle. Getting exactly what you want is rarely so affordable.

If you too want lots of fashion-forward shoes for unbeatable prices, sign up for Shoedazzle now to get your first pair of shoes starting at only $10! It’s not just your closet that will grow: Your influence will too.

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