Five Reasons Why The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Will Be Your Last Wallet Ever

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Paying by card doesn’t always guarantee quick payments. While a transaction itself can take seconds, fumbling to free your wallet from your pocket and struggling to grab the right card — not to mention all those other cards spilling out in the process — can be a struggle. And if you’re trying to get a bartender’s attention or exit a taxi, you have no time to waste. 

With Ekster’s wallets and cardholders, you can say goodbye to this problem. Ekster’s wallets and cardholders pop your cards out in a jiffy, include tracking features for if you lose your cardholder, and fit neatly in any pocket due to their extra-thin profile. Ekster’s brand-new Aluminum cardholder is their thinnest wallet to date, holding up to 12 cards while replacing leather with smooth, dent-resistant, space-grade aluminum that doubles as an identity theft blocker. With technology and materials this strong, your Ekster Aluminum cardholder will be your last wallet ever – here’s how it works.

1. A secret pop-up button for quick credit card access

Picture this: You’re paying at the grocery store, but you’re taking so long to pull your card from your wallet that the cashier is giving you that “come on, hurry up” glance. Unpleasant, right? It’ll never happen again with the Ekster Aluminum cardholder. When you’re ready to pay, just tap the secret button at the bottom of your cardholder and voila easy-to-grab cards! Goodbye fumbling, hello fast payments.

2. Solar-powered for global wallet tracking

We’ve all been there: You go to pay for your drinks only to realize your wallet is gone. Your heart skips a beat – where could your wallet be? You’ll get answers quickly with the Ekster Aluminum’s solar-powered tracking technology, which locates your cardholder whenever you lose it, no matter where you leave it. 

3. Aluminum for a lifetime

Other wallets gradually come apart and accumulate stains, so you’ll likely replace them every few years. An Ekster aluminum cardholder, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime. Its 6061-T6 aluminum doesn’t dent even under the weight of a standard car, and it’s entirely smooth, so it has no creases or lining where the seams of other wallets come apart. With Ekster, a little aluminum goes a (life)long way.

4. Thin and sleek for front pocket use

A fancy trifold wallet might look nice, but it probably won’t  feel nice in your back pocket when you’re sitting for hours or rushing down city sidewalks. Not to mention standing out as a bulky bullseye to any passing pick-pocket.  With an Ekster aluminum cardholder, there’s no discomfort. The Ekster Aluminum is so thin you can fit it in your front pocket without anyone but you knowing it – and even you might forget it’s there. When you do remember, accessing your cards doesn’t mean unbuttoning back pockets and struggling to remove your wallet.

5. RFID blocking for preventing identity theft 

Did you know identity thieves can get your credit card information without ever touching your wallet? All they need is proximity to your wallet and access to radio signals. Sounds scary, right? With the Ekster aluminum cardholder, it’s a non-concern. The aluminum blocks incoming and outgoing radio signals, so your cards are safe from identity theft no matter where you go. And with a wallet this sleek, convenient, and long-lasting, you can go anywhere.

If you’re craving the convenience and security of a lifelong, easy-access cardholder with swift tracking and identity theft protections, head to Ekster’s website now for 20 percent off the Aluminum cardholder! Although this sale doesn’t last forever, your cardholder will.

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