I’m Winning Every Weekend Thanks To Shoedazzle. Here’s How

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I love my job, but the one thing about working in a traditional and professional environment is that I need to dress the part. I’m always dressed in a blouse, a blazer and matching pants, and super ordinary heels: black, brown, or navy, maybe an inch and a half on the heel, and my toes are never showing. The thing is, I love an eye-catching pair of heels, but I’ve gotta keep it pared back for work. I want to strut my stuff in heels that’ll turn heads, but if I was going to buy fancier heels to just break out on Saturdays and Sundays, they’d need to be inexpensive.

My friend Jessica always wears the cutest and coolest heels, and she’s always changing it up. She told me she chooses to shop Shoedazzle since their heels are incomparably comfy, affordable, and stylish. Since I adore her fashion sense, I promised myself I’d “window-shop” Shoedazzle’s website when I got home.

I loved what I saw. The Remi Lace Up Boot gave me visions of strutting down Main Street in a jacket and dress with all heads turning toward me – certainly not an office-appropriate look! The tan Daily Cone Heel Bootie would perfectly match the white-lace blouse and blue jeans I often wear for weekend picnics, and the tri-color Diane Zipper Heeled Bootie could go with just about any outfit I’d wear. These heels’ prices were so low and Jessica spoke so highly of Shoedazzle’s comfort that, after a bit of thinking, I decided to buy all three.

At no point have I regretted it. When I tried on my new shoes for the first time, I looked in the mirror and saw exactly who I want to be instead of the standard corporate worker who usually stares back at me on Zoom. I may not be bar-hopping right now, but I can still hang out on my porch or grab lunch with Jessica wearing the Daily Cone with my favorite jeans or maybe a cute boho dress. (Plus, once we start going out again, I’ll have all the cute shoes I need at the ready.)

Speaking of walking, these heels are as comfy as Jessica said. As I strolled along a bustling city sidewalk with my friends Anna and Barb, my feet never chafed or felt sore or painful (and I definitely noticed people glancing at my shoes!). At picnic afternoon with Anna, Austen, and Natalie, I didn’t even kick my heels off – I felt renewed and powerful (and comfy) in my Diane.

I quickly wanted to buy more Shoedazzle heels, so I became a monthly member for quicker, easier access to striking new heels. I can skip months or cancel (not that I’d ever do that!) at no extra charge, and I can get new additions like the Don’t Let Me Go Zip Up Combat Boot for even better prices and in fewer clicks. Thanks to my Shoedazzle membership, my closet is overflowing with exactly the non-office me I want to be.

If you too want all the most striking, comfiest heels around at reasonable prices, sign up for Shoedazzle now to get your first pair of shoes starting at only $10! Trust me – outside the office, you’ll find a new you.

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