I’m saving a ton on my auto insurance even though I have a record. Here’s how.

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For the longest time, I didn’t have car insurance. Money was already tight enough – why would I buy insurance when my monthly car payments were already so expensive? Plus, Virginia (where I live) doesn’t require it, so why should I waste my money?

My thoughts changed when my sister got into an accident (don’t worry, she’s OK). She didn’t have car insurance, and she was told it would cost around $1,650 to repair the car! That number scared me a bit — what happens if I get side-swiped and I’m stuck with that huge bill at no fault of my own? I promised myself right then and there that I’d get insured. Of course, plan prices were still as sky-high as they were when I last checked a few years ago, so I worried I’d never find a plan I could afford. Would I always live in fear of a sudden accident and financial ruin?

These worries disappeared when I found AnyOneAuto.com. I saw that AnyOneAuto.com could get me a free rate quote with the smallest down payment possible in under a minute, so I just entered my zip code and waited for my results. Sure enough, after not even 30 seconds, I saw numbers almost too good to be true – my down payment would be only $20 for a plan that costs a fraction of what any other plan would cost.

A great sigh of relief for me was learning that AnyOneAuto.com offers immediate proof of insurance. Instead of waiting for an expensive, household-name insurer to send me my proof, I could immediately hit the road with AnyOneAuto.com. I also learned that AnyOneAuto.com is open to insuring folks with low or no credit, which was great considering I’d been rejected by insurers in prior years for not having enough credit history. Not that I’d have any trouble paying my AnyOneAuto.com bills – between the low monthly rates, small down payment, and additional driver discounts, I saw that AnyOneAuto.com would truly allow me to drive for less (and with less risk).

After mulling it over for a few hours, I returned to AnyOneAuto.com, pulled up my saved quote, and registered for my plan. It took maybe 10 to 15 minutes to do, and sure enough, my proof of insurance was ready to print the moment I finished. It was an entirely hassle-free process, the opposite of what I’d gone through with the household-name brands. Even though Virginia doesn’t mandate car insurance, with rates like AnyOneAuto.com’s, I’m delighted to have it anyway – and so too is my sister, who joined shortly after I did!

If you too want to quickly, affordably start driving safer (and legally, if your state requires car insurance), head to AnyOneAuto.com to get your free, no-commitment rate quote in under a minute! With AnyOneAuto.com, you save money and time on driving the right way: with peace of mind, a sound insurance policy, and nothing to worry about as you hit the road.

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