Seven Reasons Why MERSI Is The Best Vegan Handbag

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Sometimes, fashion-forward means ethics-backward. I’m thinking of leather in particular – leather wallets and purses may be cute and long-lasting, but how many animals had to die for it? And that question doesn’t even consider all the environment-harming toxins involved in tanning leather.

Of course, “pleather” exists, but not all faux leather holds a candle to the real thing. That’s why I was so pleased to see MERSI do it right. Its fully vegan, ethical, high-quality, fashion-forward handbags don’t destroy animal life, the environment, or your budget. Here’s why MERSI leads the vegan handbag world.

1. MERSI serves looks without sacrificing values

With MERSI, I can be fashion-forward without first researching whether a cute new handbag is vegan and ethical. I know with full confidence that MERSI never, ever tests on animals or uses animal ingredients, so I have no ethical qualms when hitting the town with my red Ruby Cross-Body. MERSI gives me looks that kill without any cruelty.

2. The quality is unmatched

MERSI’s leather is like no other. Not only is MERSI’s leather cruelty-free, but instead of using standard eco-unfriendly PVC pleather, MERSI chooses polyurethane (PU) instead. MERSI also puts its PU through one-of-a-kind, handmade processing to make it appear as soft and smooth as real leather – PVC doesn’t even come close! Plus, as I can attest via my Demi Bucket Bag, MERSI’s hardware, threads, and canvas linings don’t tear, come apart, or otherwise falter over time.

Mersi Vegan Handbags

3. The selection is unbelievable

You might’ve noticed that I’ve already mentioned two MERSI bags that I own. That’s because MERSI has a massive selection, way more than other vegan leather brands. I bought the Ruby, Demi, Isabel, and a few others because I’d never seen such eye-catching, striking designs from other brands, let alone vegan ones. MERSI has something – or many things – for everyone.

4. MERSI bags are produced ethically

I’m big on plant-based living, but vegan products can still be unethical. Not an issue with MERSI: In addition to its animal-free practices, MERSI uses solely fair labor and never outsources its production. The MERSI handbags are sold exclusively on The Vegan Warehouse, an online marketplace for vegan products, and shipped directly from its US location. Vegan accessories have rarely addressed the many gaps between its animal-free material and truly ethical way of conducting business. It’s a brand I feel good buying! 

5. They’re less expensive than other vegan “leather” goods

I know what you’re thinking: With such ethical practices and high-quality leather, isn’t MERSI expensive? Nope! Since MERSI is directly connected with manufacturers and sells strictly direct-to-consumer, its prices are about half of what you’ll pay for other vegan leather products. MERSI wants to sell high-quality handbags at fair prices (and with fair practices), and it puts its money exactly where its mouth is.

Mersi Vegan Handbags

6. MERSI is totally inclusive

For MERSI, the buck doesn’t stop with fair prices and practices. MERSI also makes sure to include everyone. When I look at its photos of women with their handbags, I’m delighted to see women that actually look like me. Feeling represented isn’t all that common for me with other handbag brands, but with MERSI, it’s a guarantee.

7. They donate 10% of profits to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary

MERSI doesn’t put profit first. In addition to its competitively modest prices, the brand donates 10% of all its profits to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York. There, MERSI sponsors several animals rescued from factory farming. MERSI truly takes action on its beliefs – and when you buy the brand’s handbags, you too can make a statement, whether ethical or fashionable.

If you want to live both fashion-forward and ethics-first, buy your first MERSI handbag now and get a free gift with your $100 purchase! You’ve never felt this good about looking this good!

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