Fabletics Holds Up To Nike – For A Whole Lot Less. Here’s How

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I look for durability, comfort, affordability (I buy a LOT of leggings), and of course, that cuteness factor, when I go shopping for gym clothes. I work out at least four times a week, and let’s be real, I wear my workout clothes outside the gym, too. I know I need clothes that’ll hold up against weight-lifting, Zumba and treadmill time, plus look and feel great whenever I’m running errands or hanging out on a lazy Sunday.

For years, I turned to Nike every time I bought a new sports bra or sweatshirt. I knew every purchase would be of great quality, with comfortable waistbands and a sleek silhouette that looked just as good at the grocery store as it did on the elliptical. I really didn’t want to waste time and money experimenting with new brands, but my roommate Shelley suggested that I could get the same quality for a fraction of the price from Fabletics.

While I wasn’t that interested at first, Shelley was adamant that I would love them if I simply gave them a try. She tagged me in some Instagram posts, and damn, their clothes were cute. Those posts were enough to get me to read more about the hype surrounding Fabletics — why are so many women trading in their classics for this new brand? As it turns out, Fabletics has a reputation for quality activewear at a great price.

For workout maniacs like myself, Fabletics also doubles as a club through which members build loyalty rewards and receive incredibly deep discounts. The hype got to me, and I signed up for Fabletics. I bought two pairs of Powerhold leggings in basic black and a gorgeous deep plum color. I added the Zoe sports bra and the Musetta long-sleeve top to my order, too.

Long story short, Shelley was right. But what was it exactly that finally got me, the Nike “stan,” to switch it up? Here’s why I hung up the swoosh and switched to Fabletics.

1.   Fabletics Gives Me Bang For My Buck

My first two pairs of leggings were only £24 total (yes, total!), but every pair after that was much cheaper because I am a monthly member. The PowerHold leggings are just £23 when you’re a member — more than half the price of my old Nike go-tos, and less than half the price they would have been had I simply bought them at retail.

It’s not just leggings that go for far cheaper. Fabletics’ sports bras also run just about half the cost of Nike’s. My sports bra of choice supported me during my most high-impact workouts (read: all my workouts) for pretty much one-third the price of my old Nike sports bra. Plus, I received special deals as a club member that save me even more money on future purchases!

2. Fabletics’ Sweat-Wicking Fabric Keeps Me Comfortable

There’s really nothing worse than damp-to-the-touch workout clothes. I was super nervous that Fabletics wouldn’t have the same sweat-wicking ability as Nike and that I’d just be really uncomfortable in my workout gear. I was so glad to be proven wrong!

I put the Musetta top to the test at my last group fitness class. The breathable, moisture-wicking nylon and elastane kept me feeling cool, less sweaty, and just overall not so gross — in fact, I felt better in Fabletics than I did in my normal Nike gear. The same went for the leggings and bra — I truly felt nothing sticky or grimy after that class. To be quite honest, I was surprised all the items held up, but super excited that I could count on Fabletics for comfort.

3. Fabletics Has Incredible Reviews

I was skeptical that at these prices Fabletics could be high quality but I checked Trust Pilot and Fabletics had almost 8,000 Great Reviews!

In the US its almost 100,000 Great Reviews!

4. Fabletics Looks Great In And Out Of The Gym

Fabletics’ clothes are so cute that I can walk right out of my class and into the grocery store without looking like I just walked out of a sweaty hour of aerobics. The Musetta top, with its ventilated fabric and long sleeves, was awesome for chillier weather when I didn’t want to put on my jacket right after my gym sesh. Honestly, it was cute enough that I could totally get away with going to brunch without changing!

The same goes for the leggings. Sure, there’s basic black, but there are so many unique patterns and colors that I could mix and match with anything and it always gets compliments outside the gym. They’re comfortable enough, too, that I find myself wanting to wear them instead of jeans — and I do at every opportunity!

Join Fabletics Today For 2 for £24 Leggings

I’m beyond happy that I made the switch to Fabletics. It’s athleisure I don’t need to think about — I just put them on, and I know they’ll wick away sweat, hold up against wild workouts, and look cute to boot. I’m paying the best prices I’m likely to ever pay for activewear, too. I don’t regret switching from “the swoosh” one bit.

Curious about Fabletics and want to try for yourself? New members can select any two pairs of leggings for £24 when they sign up! Be warned, though — the hype is real, and you may never look back!

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