7 Reasons Why I Ditched Standard Winter Jackets For NASA-Backed Aerogel

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Although some name-brand winter jackets keep me from feeling absolutely freezing, I hate how I feel in them. Down jackets are certainly warm, but they make me feel like I can’t move around freely, and I just don’t love the marshmallow silhouettes. Is there a jacket out there that has a sleek profile without sacrificing warmth? Well, not until I recently found OROS – here’s why I ditched my puffy old traditional down jacket for the OROS Astra (and why my husband Jack did the same for the OROS Echo).

Oros Astra

1. OROS winter jackets look better

My OROS Astra looks like a stylish pullover, and Jack’s OROS Echo resembles a classic bomber. Not what comes to mind when you think of winter jackets, right? OROS doesn’t sacrifice fashion for warmth – and trust me, these unorthodox winterwear styles are warm.

2. OROS uses NASA-backed insulation

Jack and I are staying warm in pullovers and bombers thanks to OROS’ signature Solarcore aerogel. NASA uses aerogels in its spacesuits, so when Jack and I face 20-degree mornings in OROS gear, we’re as warm as if we were indoors!

3. OROS is razor-thin

I’ve always felt like down jackets’ puffiness combined with their so-so insulation is just adding insult to injury. OROS has neither. These unflaggingly warm jackets are the least bulky winterwear around, because just a thin layer of Solarcore keeps us toasty.

Oros Echo

4. OROS is down-free

OROS can be razor-thin and NASA-level warm because it ditches down filling. That’s great for animal lovers who question down’s ethics, and it’s great for folks in snowy areas. OROS’ Solarcore, unlike down, can get soaked and still keep you warm. Let it snow indeed!

5. OROS works no matter the cold

Although that 20 degree morning I mentioned earlier is really darn cold, Jack and I know OROS will keep us warm on even colder days. That’s because Solarcore is fully insulating at temperatures as low as -40 degrees F — yes, that low! If astronauts can explore space with aerogel gear, we’ll do great here on Earth!

6. OROS packs like a charm

Jack and I might drive to Florida later this winter to see his parents and stay overnight in Nashville, where it’s chilly enough for a little extra cover. That means we’ll need our OROS jackets for a bit – and lucky for us, they compress so well they’ll fit into any suitcase. We can take our warmth wherever!

7. OROS is a steal

Our old journey to find winter jacket that were actually warm wasn’t just annoying – it was expensive. Not a problem with OROS – the Astra and Echo are hundreds of dollars less than the leading $1,000-plus jackets. You can get them for even less right now as Oros is offering up to 60% off sitewide for a limited time.

Editors Note: Oros has let PeopleHype know that many of their most popular styles and sizes are selling out. PeopleHype cannot guarantee availability of this limited time offer.