I Ditched My North Face For This NASA-Tech Ski Jacket

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Editor’s Note: For a limited-time only, Oros is offering our readers an exclusive 20% off with code HYPE20.

If you’re an avid skier like me, you know the biggest drawback of hitting the slopes: There’s seemingly no jacket warm enough for that mountain cold and those frigid gusts. Or if you do have a super warm jacket, it’s super bulky and heavy, it doesn’t pack well, and it can be a pain to carry around or wear anywhere that’s not the slopes. Believe me, I’ve been there! And I recently found a ski jacket that solves all these problems.

The wild thing is, I didn’t find this jacket at REI or Patagonia. Instead, I found it through OROS. The winterwear brand’s Endeavor Jacket ditches commonplace down, fleece, and synthetic insulation for OROS’ one-of-a-kind SOLARCORE®. This material is based on the same aerogel technology that NASA uses to insulate its space suits, shuttles, and the Mars Rover, which all exist at way colder temperatures than anywhere on Earth! 

Oros Ski Jacket

SOLARCORE is a huge reason why the Endeavor breathes well and stays warm when compressed. The Endeavor also has articulated sleeves and that classic four-way stretch for full mobility as I shoot down mountainsides. Even better, it has an insulated, adjustable hood and a draft collar to prevent cold air from blowing across my neck as I ski. Best of all, it has an entirely waterproof outer shell and moisture-wicking inner lining that keep me dry on even the snowiest slopes!

After I learned this all, I knew I needed to order the Endeavor for my next ski trip. When my jacket arrived, I quickly saw that it would be thin and light enough to easily fit in my overnight bag. Upon trying it on, I immediately noticed that, unlike my old ski jackets, it barely restricted my range of motion. And when I actually went skiing, I discovered that all my old jackets were nowhere close to as warm as the Endeavor. I wasn’t just moving and grooving on the slopes – I was staying plenty toasty too!

My Endeavor has quickly become my go-to ski jacket. If anything, I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to hit the slopes with puffy yet not quite warm ski gear. You too can upgrade to the Endeavor – just click here and save 20% off with code HYPE20. If you’ve struggled for years to find the perfect ski jacket, then trust me – the Endeavor is exactly what you need.

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