Homeowners Often Dread Homeowners Insurance Until They Find Hippo. Here’s Why

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Ask the average homeowner, and they’ll likely say that the cost of homeowners’ insurance rarely seems worth the low coverage limits. That said, homeowners can’t just go without insurance – and that’s where Hippo Insurance Services comes in. Even people who are at their last wits hunting for homeowners insurance often breathe a sigh of relief when they find Hippo – here’s why.

1. Hippo can save you up to 25% off your annual premium

As if buying a house isn’t costly enough, homeowners insurance can get expensive too – unless you choose Hippo. Premiums offered through Hippo are up to 25% less than other premiums, and you won’t have to sacrifice good coverage for cost savings.

2. Hippo gives quotes in 60 seconds

Homeowners looking for insurance can learn how much a policy through Hippo might cost them in literally just a minute. That’s because Hippo’s instant quote tool gives potential policyholders a quote in just 60 seconds! Homeowners who see premiums low enough to meet their budget can sign up on the spot.

3. Hippo provides a smart home kit at no cost to you

Certain Hippo customers will qualify for smart home kits at no additional cost (seriously!). Hippo provides these kits since smart home devices can identify small problems before they become big enough to call Hippo for help. But when that time comes, Hippo is right there, ready to go.

4. Hippo gives homeowners dedicated claims concierges

Hippo offers more than great prices and quick quotes. It also comes with top-notch customer service. When policyholders file claims with Hippo, the company connects them with a designated claims concierge. These concierges are universally responsive and helpful – and driven to get the job done.

5. Hippo customers enjoy accessible maintenance services

When issues arise, policyholders can contact a Hippo Home Care expert for prompt virtual assistance. If the problem needs on-site repairs, the Hippo Home Care expert can recommend a local professional service provider, making fixes from dryer repairs to roof patching hassle-free..

6. Coverage limits for electronics are especially generous

For some homeowners, a home is more than a home – it’s also an office filled with expensive computers. For these customers, extensive electronics coverage is a must, and Hippo gets that. Policies through Hippo provide up to 4x the limits on coverage for electronics than comparable plans, a fact that often excites all kinds of homeowners – who can then sign up for Hippo super easily.

7. Signing up for Hippo takes just five minutes!

If Hippo sounds right for you, then you’ll only need five minutes to buy a policy through Hippo after getting your quote! Forget the snail-paced typical signup process – Hippo makes starting as simple as could be no matter who you are. Head to Hippo now for an instant quote and, just minutes after that, the best homeowners insurance policy around.

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