Men’s Skincare Is Complex and Expensive – Here’s How Lumin Is Changing That

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If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably cycled through complex, expensive skincare products that just don’t lead to results. Lumin is changing that. 

Lumin’s direct-to-consumer men’s skincare line applies world-leading Korean skincare science for men’s tougher, thicker skin through straightforward, inexpensive regimens. It works just as well for skincare first-timers as for men looking to switch up their current routines – here’s why Lumin is great for every man. 

1. Simple, high-quality skincare

Lumin is for men who value results without complex multi-step routines. That’s why all Lumin’s products, formulated by the world’s leading skincare scientists, include straightforward instructions that eliminate the guesswork from your skincare routine. The result? Top-notch skincare for newcomers and longtimers alike.

2. Fast results

That Korean skincare know-how is no joke. More than four in five Lumin customers have seen results in anywhere from a day to a month. And if you’re new to skincare, you might see results in just a week. 

Lumin face scrubber

3. Subscriptions so you never run out

Whether you’re a skincare newbie or a guy frustrated with products that just don’t work, restocking your skincare products is likely a low priority on your to-do list. With Lumin’s skincare subscriptions, you’ll receive a new shipment without lifting a finger – just set it and forget it! 

4. Affordable and accessible

Since Lumin is entirely direct-to-consumer, its prices are as low as one-fifth of what you might see elsewhere. No more running to the drugstore for expensive subpar products – Lumin brings affordable quality right to your doorstep!

5. Protection against harmful UV rays

Applying moisturizer and then sunscreen can feel greasy and heavy. With Lumin, you get both in one. Lumin’s UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm has SPF 30 to keep UV rays from frying your skin when you head outside. With Lumin, your skin looks great and is well protected.

Lumin best selling skincare products for men

6. Personalized skincare

Lumin tailors its products to your skin type and develops regimens that strike right at the source of your issues. The brand will send you products based on your unique skincare needs after you answer a couple of questions. And when you first start with Lumin, you’ll get this all for free.

7. Try Lumin for free before you commit

Lumin lets you try before you buy. Take advantage of a free trial once you get your personalized skincare recommendations! For just the cost of shipping ($5), you’ll get 30 days’ worth of the Classic Maintenance, Anti-Fatigue Essentials, or Age Management set to try on us. Click here to claim your free set and get the best skin of your life!

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