Seven Ways GetUpside Helps Me Save On Gas

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Whether you’re driving just a few miles or great distances each day, gas doesn’t come cheap. That changes if you download the free GetUpside app. It’s the ultimate way to get cash back every time you buy gas, and helps you save hundreds each year! Here’s why GetUpside is the best way to spend less on gas.

1. Get savings at more gas stations

GetUpside offers cash back at more than 25,000 local and big-name gas stations. That’s more stations than any one gas company operates! In fact, more than 20% of all gas stations in the United States are on GetUpside.

2. One app for multiple fuel brands

With GetUpside, you don’t need a bunch of apps for all your gas stations. Instead, you can claim all your cashback offers and compare nearby gas prices from one convenient app. No matter where you’re filling up, you’ll get cash back as long as the station offers deals on GetUpside.

3. GetUpside maximizes savings by working with other loyalty apps

GetUpside supplements your current gas station loyalty programs instead of replacing them. That means rewards from your longtime favorite programs and rapid cash back from GetUpside. The result is more money back in your wallet.

4. Get your cash instantly, no minimums required

No more waiting for cash back – with GetUpside, your money is available right away. You can withdraw your cash at literally any time via PayPal or electronic gift cards. That $40 gas refill can put $10 back in your pocket in just moments!

5. Easy credit or debit card check-in

To earn cash back, you simply check-in to thousands of gas stations with the GetUpside app before you pay with your regular debit or credit card. Plus, GetUpside doesn’t replace your card’s usual cashback features, so when you use credit cards with GetUpside, you can stack (or double up) your rewards!

6. Shop local (and save)

GetUpside is available for gas brands beyond household names. That small community gas station on the corner – like its big-name competitors – also uses GetUpside to draw in new customers with irresistible cashback deals. This means you can support local businesses with GetUpside and save money while doing so – it’s a win for everyone!

7. GetUpside offers the most savings of any cashback app including a sign-up bonus

Sure, other cashback apps save you money, but GetUpside saves you even more. With GetUpside, you’ll get up to $0.25 in cash back for every gallon of gas you buy. For most customers, that’s around $150 in cash back per year! And every time you get someone new to sign up with your referral code and earn money, you’ll get an additional $0.15/gal bonus on your next fill-up.

But wait, there’s more! For a limited time, GetUpside is offering a bonus 25¢/gal back on every gallon for new customers with promo code HYPE7R –  that’s up to 50¢/gal the next time you get gas. Once you see how easy it is to use, you’ll want to use GetUpside every time you gas up. Sounds irresistible, right? Just click here and enter code HYPE7R to claim this limited-time offer and start saving more with every spend.

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