Why Because Market Is Better Than Depend

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Incontinence can be unpleasant for more reasons than just the loss of control. There’s also the judgmental glances that you get at the store, the risk of leaks, and all those worries about how your underwear looks under clothing. On all these fronts, people with incontinence have often found solutions in Because Market and Depend.

Because Market and Depend are both popular enough that discerning which brand best fits your needs can be challenging. With both brands known for being highly absorbent and made with soft fabric and designs that look close to real underwear, how can you know which one is right for you? We’ve done the research for you – below, we’ll explain how Because Market and Depend overlap and how they differ.

Quick Guide: Because Market vs. Depend

Because MarketDepend
Eye-catching designsYesYes
Soft fabricYesYes
Variety of sizesYesYes
Discreet, to your door deliveryYesNo
Leak-proofYesNot always
Moisture absorption rate and amountHigherLower
Built on real people’s feedbackYesNo
Determines your ideal product, size, and materialsYesNo
Product specialistsYesNo

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What Because Market and Depend have in common

Liquid absorption. Because Market and Depend underwear both absorb liquid. This feature distinguishes both brands from regular underwear that, even at its most comfortable and well-fitting, cannot absorb incontinence in the same way.

More confident designs. Because Market and Depend both realize that incontinence can feel stigmatizing and lead you to feel needlessly ashamed, so they put effort into making their underwear not appear clinical. All Because Market and Depend underwear is stitched in beautiful colors and designs that look like standard underwear.

Soft fabrics. Both brands pride themselves on soft fabric that makes their incontinence underwear more comfortable for you.

Variety of sizes. Both Because Market and Depend offer their products in larger and smaller sizes alike, meaning that anyone with incontinence can turn to either brand to find the best fit for their needs.

Where Because Market and Depend differ

Because Market is discreet and convenient.

The drugstore trips to pick up Depends can be an embarrassing experience. To add insult to injury, Depend boxes are unwieldy to carry home from the store. Because Market solves both these problems by delivering straight to your door in discreet packaging.

Because Market doesn’t leak.

Although Depend claims to be leak-proof, it’s far from unheard of for Depend underwear to leak. Because Market, on the other hand, combines proper fits with high-tech absorption materials to prevent leaks around the clock.

Because Market absorbs more moisture faster.

In collaboration with Stanford University’s Urology department, Because Market has developed an entirely new two-layer absorption core that’s by far the most absorbent around. Because Market underwear absorbs 25 percent more moisture than Depend in less than 20 seconds. That’s way more absorption, way faster.

Because Market products are built on real people’s feedback.

Because Market developed all its products based on feedback from tens of thousands of real people. The result is underwear that addresses issues widely shared among people with incontinence.

Because Market determines your ideal product, sizing, and materials.

When you first buy from Because Market, you’ll take a short quiz to determine the best product, sizing, and materials for your needs. This way, you’ll only get incontinence underwear that fits you properly, feels good, and lets you go about your day without worrying about moisture or leaks.

Because Market has product specialists.

Incontinence can be a challenging experience for a lot of people, and Because Market is here to help. Its product specialists are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET every day, including weekends. Incontinence doesn’t take breaks, and neither does Because Market.

Because Market has samples and free trials.

Hesitant to buy incontinence underwear that could ultimately leak or fit poorly? Because Market understands. That’s why the company offers free samples and a 16-day free trial for new customers. Because Market is committed to letting you go about your daily life without worry.

Why Because Market Is The Better Choice

While Depends is a quality brand, when it comes down to it, people want the best product at the best price. For us, the choice is clear. Because Market provides more bang for your buck. Its superior leak protection combined with a discreet delivery service makes for a winning combination.

Get Started

Simply visit the Because Market website and take a short quiz to determine your ideal size, material, and product. Not long after you place your order, a box of incontinence underwear will arrive at your house, though only Because Market makes its packaging discreet. Either way, you’ll have incontinence underwear that’s soft, absorbent, and eye-catching before you know it.

Special Offer: Because Market is offering PeopleHype readers its starter pack for an exclusive low rate of $2.99 and free shipping on all purchases over $15.

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