5 Getaway Ideas for Memorial Day 2021

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Memorial Day is in a few days, May 31, and if you haven’t made any plans, it’s not too late to start! If you’re not planning to attend or host a Memorial Day backyard bash, a getaway might be up your alley, and it can be an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. Below, discover five getaway ideas for Memorial Day.

1. A weekend camping trip

If you love the great outdoors, why not spend your Memorial Day weekend camping at a park? A camping trip can be especially fun if you’re not too far from a local, state, or national park. 

Although the holiday is a few days away, you can go to certain parks without a reservation. Some parks offer free camping sites for nature lovers: For example, Yosemite National Park offers open tent sites. If you want to make sure you’ll get a good camp spot for Memorial Day, search online for more information about camping sites nearby.

2. A beach weekend

If you love the beach, go on a beach getaway for Memorial Day. However, keep in mind that some beaches may have restrictions. Some of those restrictions may include no drinking alcohol in public, no loud music, no glass containers, and no inflatable devices. Before you go to the beach for Memorial Day, it’s a good idea to make sure you brush up on the guidelines so you don’t find yourself in trouble. 

3. A bed and breakfast

If you want to go somewhere remote and peaceful alone or with just your partner, going to a bed and breakfast in a secluded little town can be a romantic way to celebrate Memorial Day. If you can get a reservation at a B&B where you can enjoy many outdoor recreation activities or perhaps theme parks and other tourist attractions, you’ll have even more fun.

4. A road trip

It’s not too late to plan a road trip for Memorial Day and if you carefully plot out your travels, it can be fun to feel the breeze while traveling to your destination. But here’s the thing: You’ll need to come up with a smart route if you’re going to avoid traffic

Many people will be traveling in the late morning and early evening, so it’s best to travel in the early morning. Even if you do so, you should plan an alternate route to avoid any possible traffic. 

Additionally, before you go on your road trip, you’ll need some snacks. You can find all kinds of snacks for a good deal at not only your usual convenience stores and supermarkets, but plenty that you’ll pass on the road.

5. Spend a day hiking or relaxing at a park 

If you just want to spend a few hours outdoors doing something calming instead of getting away for the whole weekend, you can hike, go for a stroll, or relax at a nearby park. If you live near mountain ranges such as the Adirondacks, you can celebrate your Memorial Day by walking or relaxing along lengthy hiking trails with breathtaking views.  

Which one of these five getaway ideas would you like to do on Memorial Day? Sound off in the comments!

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