Four Fun Memorial Day Weekend Quarantine Ideas

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In previous years, Memorial Day weekend has been associated with outdoor celebrations, beach trips, and backyard bashes. Now that the U.S. is riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in quarantine, traditional Memorial Day weekend activities may pose public health hazards – and, in much of the country, are explicitly banned. That said, you can still celebrate Memorial Day weekend in fun, safe ways – here are four fun Memorial Day weekend quarantine ideas.

1. Bring the outdoors indoors

Has your Memorial Day weekend previously involved grilling up meat and veggies in your backyard? Then get your grill pan going and sear your favorite Memorial Day foods for yourself, your family, and anyone else you live with. You can also mix together the same cocktails you’ve served in years past. Sure, you shouldn’t invite anyone else over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate your favorite previous Memorial Day weekend activities – and food and drink – indoors in quarantine!

2. Have a Memorial Day weekend quarantine blockbuster marathon

Memorial Day is often said to unofficially mark the start of summer. If your jam-packed summer days have previously included heading to the movies to relax in a cool, dark space after spending the sunshine hours roasting at the beach, you can keep that tradition alive for your Memorial Day weekend quarantine. Bring the movie theater to you with a Memorial Day weekend quarantine blockbuster marathon, whether alone or with your family or roommates!

3. Go for a (safe) Memorial Day weekend walk

Quarantine doesn’t mean you can absolutely never go outside. Under most American stay-at-home orders, going outside for exercise is permitted as long as you maintain social distancing of at least six feet from all passersby and wear a face mask. Under these rules, there’s no problem with going for a long walk with your family or roommates to soak up that Memorial Day sun and get some exercise in. If there’s a park within walking distance that you don’t expect to be crowded, you can make that your destination for an even better Memorial Day quarantine experience.

4. Embrace your Memorial Day weekend quarantine with a digital party

Digital technologies have proven a saving grace during Memorial Day weekend. Video conferencing, phone calls, and text messages have allowed people in isolation to easily keep up with each other despite the quarantine. Lean into these overwhelmingly digital times by hosting a digital party for your Memorial Day weekend in quarantine. Invite your friends to join you in a video chat at a specified date and time, and provide some fun suggestions for what guests should bring.

If you’re hoping to just drink some cocktails and catch up with friends for the holiday, make your Memorial Day weekend quarantine digital event BYOB. If you miss eating grilled meats and veggies with people, make your Memorial Day weekend quarantine digital event a dinner party. When it comes to making Memorial Day in quarantine work for you, the options are limitless!

Have any interesting Memorial Day Weekend quarantine ideas of your own? Share them in the comments!

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