Six Tips For Throwing An Amazing Backyard Bash

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With summer in full swing, you might be thinking about throwing a big backyard bash with some friends, but putting together such a big event can get overwhelming. The time, preparation, money, and cleanup involved in a backyard bash can pose huge roadblocks to even getting started. 

With these six tips for throwing an amazing backyard bash, you won’t have to worry about whether the time and money you invest in your backyard bash will be worth it. Follow these guidelines and your backyard bash will all but certainly be one for the ages.

1. Keep the menu simple, but keep the food coming

If you’re going for a classic American backyard bash, limit your menu to hot dogs and burgers, but stock up on them so that you and your friends can throw them on the grill whenever you want. You can also keep a wide variety of toppings at hand so people can customize their meals. Relish, lettuce, jalapenos, mustard, tomatoes, barbecue sauce — keep the options limitless and your backyard bash will know no boundaries.

You can certainly go for different food options than burgers and hot dogs — the point is to not overwhelm yourself and your guests with too many food options. Even if you go with tacos and fish skewers instead of standard American fare, then as long as you’ve got plenty on hand and offer guests enough sauces, dips, and toppings to let them customize their food, you’re doing it right.

2. Offer snacks too

For snacks, you don’t have to go too crazy. A bunch of big potato chip or tortilla chip bags with plenty of salsa should hold people over for the night. You can even order some big pizza pies to bridge the gap between meals and snacks. 

3. Don’t forget the drinks

No backyard bash is complete without drinks. In fact, you might fare better if you tell guests to bring alcohol instead of food — you never know what kind of food they’ll bring (and if it’s any good), but you know that any alcohol on hand will go quickly. In addition to what your guests bring, consider stocking up on cold beers and putting together a bowl or two of alcoholic punch.

4. Provide not just the sights, but the sounds

For your backyard bash, you’ll want to decorate a bit, but a visually exciting setup isn’t complete without a good party soundtrack. Decorating your patio furniture with throw pillows, running string lights across your patio, and finding bug-repellent torches that look elegant are vital to making your backyard welcoming, but without a playlist of summertime songs stirring gently in the background, your backyard bash is incomplete.

5. Entertain your guests

At your backyard bash, people are certain to talk to each other as they enjoy your drinks and the food you’ve made. Give them more options for enjoying the night with board games, card games, and especially yard games, which are designed for nights like these.

6. Enjoy yourself!

With this many food, drink, and entertainment options, not to mention your delightful decor setup and summer soundtrack, your backyard bash isn’t likely to be forgotten. If you have any other backyard bash tips you’d like to share, drop them in the comments!

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