Here’s Why Rihanna’s New Essentials Box Is My New Lingerie Go-To

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I really like most of what’s in my closet, but I absolutely love a good coordinating bra and panty set. When I layer lingerie that fits just right, skims and lifts me in all the right places, and looks cute to boot, my confidence goes through the roof. It’s like wearing a second secret outfit that only I know about!

Of course, anybody who wears underwear knows that there’s always something a little bit off, whether it’s the fit, the color, or the style. Even with the cutest bras and underwear I’ve bought, something always felt off, whether that was a stray wire poking me in the ribs or a band that doesn’t quite stay where it’s supposed to. Constantly tugging at rolling waistlines is definitely not cute, and I found that I had to do it every day, multiple times a day.

I never really thought twice about how weird this wiggling and adjusting looked in public, but my friend Sylvia recently called me out on it while we were out to dinner and drinks. While adjusting my bra for a third time in an hour (honestly, I didn’t even notice that I was doing it at this point), Sylvia stopped me in my tracks and introduced me to someone: Rihanna.

Yes, that Rihanna. Sylvia told me that she tested out her lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, on a 2 for $29 bras and bralettes deal, and the fit was enough to convince her to join the Xtra VIP membership, where she can shop new styles every month. She hasn’t been uncomfortable since.

I was a little surprised, since I always assumed that the underwear that solved these problems looked like something my grandma would wear, and Rihanna is far from grandma status. I was excited to try it out, since Rihanna has always prioritized including everyone, no matter their body shape or skin color. I definitely didn’t have the model body, so seeing so many diverse models on her website made me feel seen by a brand for the first time in a long time.

I joined the Savage X Fenty Xtra VIP membership to get my hands on the three-piece Savage Essentials box, which has a sexy lace bralette, a versatile t-shirt bra, and a pair of undies. Worst case, I thought, I could just cancel my membership, no strings attached, and return what I didn’t like. When the box finally arrived a few days later (in the cutest package, let me add!), I ran into my room to try everything on between “Umbrella” replays. I immediately loved not just how I looked in all three pieces, but how I felt. I realized right away that Sylvia was 100% right.

With options up to 3X, Savage X Fenty offers a lot more size diversity than many other brands out there. I wasn’t stuck to one size in the box, either: I could pick the right bra size (from 32A to 42H!) and underwear without being forced into a “one size fits all” set. That made a huge difference in the fit, since I have a big butt and small boobs. Plus, I could choose the color of each piece rather than having to rock the same exact color for each one, so I could go for the sexy matchy-matchy look or shake it up a bit with a few of my favorite shades.

The bra and the bralette in the Savage X Fenty Essentials Box keep me supported all day long. No wires poking at me, none of that wiggling and adjusting in public — thanks to Rihanna’s vision, that’s all in the past. I’m actually partial to the bralette — it’s unlined, wireless, and full of lace, so it makes me feel beautiful even though I barely notice it’s there. The bikini was super comfortable, too — the breathable cotton lining had all-day wear without giving up the sexiness of less-breathable underwear.

With Rihanna’s style covering and supporting me, I feel supremely confident and sexy. Hitting the town with lingerie that Rihanna would wear and feeling good doing it? I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience. Never before have I so easily felt and looked not just beautiful, but confident. I’ve been absolutely loving the extra confidence and assertiveness the box brings me, and I’m proud that I’m buying from a brand committed to serving all women, no matter their race or size.

Savage X Fenty’s Essentials Box always keeps me supported and upholds my sexiest, most confident side. This amazing three-piece set gives me everything I need in one package, at one fair price. If you’re looking to find the most comfortable underwear around, you should buy your first Savage X Fenty Essentials Box and experience its joys for yourself. Sign up as a new Xtra VIP member to get the Essentials Box for just $34!

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