Here’s Why Ekster Is My Last Wallet Ever

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When it’s time for me to close my tab, reaching for my credit card can require some awkward fumbling. Making my friends or a bartender wait around as I struggle to grab my card from my wallet is so annoying. Cash isn’t exactly the answer, either: not only do I generally not carry cash, but coins and bills passed between so many hands leaves me feeling queasy.

Even worse is when I go to close the tab and realize I’ve lost my wallet. While I don’t like admitting it, I’ve gone to pay for something on more than one occasion just to find I dropped my wallet somewhere. Not only do I feel a burst of panic when I realize my wallet’s gone, but it’s embarrassing to tell the bartender or cashier that I can’t pay up. If only there was a way to keep track of my wallet when it’s out of sight!

A smart wallet named Ekster had the solution. I first stumbled upon Ekster’s wallets late last year while searching for holiday gifts for my dad. A CBS article detailed Ekster’s discreet pop-up buttons that make your cards quickly, easily accessible. The RFID-blocking technology keeps the card data safe. And best of all, Ekster wallets are fully trackable if lost. This solar-powered tracker uses a global lost and found tracking system that can ping your wallet anywhere in the world it might be. If I can’t find my Ekster wallet, I can just ask my smart speaker or use voice command to find it.

Ekster might be high tech, but these wallets look anything but. All their products, including the Parliament wallet, are made of high-end leather that resists degradation and aging. Each wallet has space for 12 cards that are all easily reachable with the push of a discreet button. I chose the Parliament wallet in Black, and didn’t wait to make the switch once it arrived.

The moment I opened my package, I noticed how nice the leather not just looked, but felt. I then set up the tracking, had my wife Heather hide my awesome new wallet, and used my phone and the Chipolo app to successfully locate it. I then added my cards to it, slipped it in my front pocket, and took Heather out for some cocktails on me. When it came time to close out our tab, I didn’t struggle at all to grab the debit card I needed.

It’s been a few months since I switched to Ekster and I’m thankful I did. Like clockwork, I lost my wallet once since switching, but tracking it to my car with the app was a breeze (and a sigh of relief). Ekster is the last wallet I’ll ever own – there’s no other wallet this easy, convenient, safe, and long-lasting.

If you too need a quick card access solution that’s impossible to lose, resistant to degradation, nearly cash-free, and a slim fit in your front pocket, buy an Ekster wallet now for 20 percent off! You can also use promo code CLIP-T3R to get a FREE cash clip! You’ll feel confident and worry-free taking your Ekster with you no matter where you go.

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