Five Trending Netflix Picks For Your Memorial Day Weekend in Quarantine

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Netflix’s timing couldn’t be better. Just as the COVID-19 pandemic began forcing people around the world to stay at home except for essential tasks, the streaming giant introduced its Top 10 feature. Through this feature, when a TV show or movie on Netflix is among the 10 most-watched options in the user’s country, the show or movie is tagged as a Top 10 release. If you’re looking for new TV shows or movies to watch during your Memorial Day weekend in quarantine, here are some Netflix options that have recently graced the Top 10.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is considered by many critics and fans to be among the greatest animated television series ever made. Although the show is targeted at children, its fans have long spanned all ages due to its realistic cultural, historic, and artistic depictions of its setting, not to mention its wide-ranging, deeply complex storyline – all features more often found in shows meant for adults. The series’ first three “books” – its term for seasons – are now available on Netflix.

2. Dead to Me

Last year, the Netflix original comedy series Dead to Me debuted to mostly positive reviews and quickly grew a devoted fanbase. The show, which stars Freaks and Geeks’ Linda Cardellini and Anchorman’s Christina Applegate, follows the aftermath of an unexpected death and a suspicious friendship that forms in its wake. Season two, which arrived on Netflix earlier this month, picks up immediately after the massive cliffhanger that ended season one, which also starred James Marsden in a well-received guest role

3. The Wrong Missy

In The Wrong Missy, Lauren Lapkus plays the titular character, who also goes by Melissa. Missy’s behavior on a blind first date with Tim (David Spade) ultimately doesn’t bode well for a second date, but when Tim later meets another woman named Melissa and gets her number, he begins messaging her only to find out he had been texting Missy the whole time. Although critics have reviewed the film and its subsequent events poorly, the movie remains in Netflix’s top ten.

4. Soul Surfer

In 2003, surfer Bethany Hamilton made headlines after she lost her arm in a shark attack. Soul Surfer is based on her life after the attack, with Annasophia Robb starring as Hamilton. The film depicts Hamilton’s journey toward restarting her competitive surfing career despite the shark attack, her travels to Thailand to work with children affected by contemporary natural disasters, and her turn toward embracing the press and using her story to help other people going through struggles of their own.

5. Public Enemies

This Johnny Depp-starring film set immediately after the Great Depression portrays the FBI’s journey to track down many criminals. As the U.S. unemployment rate lurches towards a level not seen since the Great Depression, this movie and its depictions of how crime thrives in economically challenging times may be unexpectedly relevant.

What are you planning to watch on Netflix for your Memorial Day weekend in quarantine? Sound off in the comments!

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