This All Natural Solution Helped Soothe My Aches and Pains

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I always knew that when I got older, I’d have plenty of aches and pains, but I didn’t expect finding a natural solution for them to be so challenging. I really didn’t want to be on a steady diet of ibuprofen or a prescription pain reliever, but nothing else was really doing the trick. All the stretching, acupuncture, and massage therapy in the world wasn’t cutting it. No matter what I did, my joints still felt stiff and uncomfortable every time I moved.

A few months ago, though, my friend Julia shared with me what kept her feeling vibrant and youthful: CBD. This compound, which stands for Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance in hemp plants. She began taking Because Market CBD when her arthritis got too uncomfortable to bear. She told me that after six weeks taking CBD tincture and applying a CBD topical, she could move around with significantly less discomfort.

I had heard of CBD before, but I had no idea where to even begin choosing from all the different brands, formulations, and product types out there. Julia told me she settled on Because Market because all their products are made from hemp plants sourced right here in the U.S. — not made from cheap overseas hemp extract. All their products are lab-tested, too, so she knew exactly what she was getting in each batch of products she bought. All of Because’s product listings include a certificate of analysis to prove their purity and quality. Best of all, they offer subscribe and save options that save her money by automatically replenishing her CBD each month.

After checking in with my doctor, who said it was OK to proceed, I decided it was time for me to try CBD. When the products arrived, I started taking a dropper full of the 1000mg hemp tincture each day. Whenever the pain just got too unbearable, I applied the extra strength hemp relief cream to my hands and knees.

After a month of strictly adhering to my pain relief regimen with Because’s CBD products, I noticed major differences in my everyday life. Old activities that I’d found harder due to my pains and aches were much easier than before I’d started using Because. For starters, taking the stairs was less difficult on my knees, and opening jars was no longer as painful as it used to be. Even sleeping has been easier – nothing like chronic pain to keep you up at night! – so thanks to Because, I’m feeling better all-around. I signed up for the Because CBD products subscribe and save option, so I’d never go without my CBD again.

I truly feel like a new person since trying CBD. Before Julia introduced me to Because CBD products, I never thought I could eliminate my pain without medications that hurt my stomach or potentially-dangerous prescription opiates. I’m never looking back!

If you too want all-natural relief for your aches and pains, head to Because’s CBD products page to get free shipping our next order! Feeling good – and feeling good about how you’re feeling good – is just a few clicks away.

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