Do What You Love. Get Certified in Corrective Exercise Through ISSA

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The unprecedented year we just collectively went through has sparked a need for change for many of us.  For some people, that means a shift from separating passions and work and instead exploring a career doing something that drives you. It means taking charge of your life – and doing so on your own terms.

Bringing meaning into your life is exactly what ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about! With ISSA’s Corrective Exercise certification, you can learn to do what you love at your own pace, and you’ll be your own boss at the end of it all. ISSA lets you rejuvenate your life right from home!

Why Corrective Exercise?

So many people walk around with pain due to an imbalance in their bodies. Without knowing it, their body is “compensating” for that imbalance, resulting in muscle strains and difficult movement. As an ISSA-certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll help clients move better and with less pain by identifying and working around those body imbalances. 

ISSA’s Corrective Exercise Certification is great for healthcare professionals, certified personal trainers, and total newcomers alike, as anyone can have an imbalance in their bodies. As you work toward your certification, you’ll learn all about joints, movement analysis, structural alignment and stability, soft tissue correctives and assessments, and so much more. You’ll be thoroughly equipped to help people tackle everyday pain while moving or exercising, no matter how much (or little) you knew beforehand.

Corrective Exercise Jobs Outlook

Working in fitness doesn’t have to be just your dream – and the stats are there to make it a reality. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the training industry as a whole is set to balloon through the end of the decade. ISSA is well aware of this – and it gives you what you need to enter the rapidly growing fitness industry.


ISSA knows that meaningful transformation takes investment, both a financial investment and an investment in time. That’s why you can take your ISSA Corrective Exercise program at your own pace – learn what you need to change your life whenever, wherever! You’ll pay $0 to get started, with no credit checks or administrative fees. You can also arrange a payment plan to make your dream fit your budget!

ISSA’s Corrective Exercise course comes with ISSA’s corrective exercise textbook, which ISSA updates in real-time to reflect new scientific developments. You’ll get a study guide and workbook too, plus an exercise lab where you can view over 250 exercises with 3D animation and three different angles. You’ll also get practice quizzes and exams after each section so that when you sit down for your accredited, untimed, open-book exam, you ace it from the get-go.

ISSA remains there for you after you pass your exam too. You’ll have continued learning support after you’re certified, and if your certification doesn’t lead to a job within six months, you get your money back! ISSA makes changing your life for the better risk-free – just visit ISSA for access and to begin your journey.

Get Started

As an ISSA-certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, you can recreate your life and find your truest joy on your own terms. Right from the comfort of home, you’ll learn everything you need to make your passion your life’s work, and once you’re certified, you’ll be doing what you love every single day. Your first step on this transformative, life-changing journey is to visit the ISSA website for course access. So why not start right now? Click here to enroll and begin your journey toward the life you’ve always wanted!

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